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    Post How to customize MainOS.bin - Lumia 1320

    :svetius: thank you my dear friend. is there any possibilities that you can send that iu link in to [email protected] id pussiathed that. thanx a head anyway. there is hope. :laugh:
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    Post How to customize MainOS.bin - Lumia 1320

    Rooting all kind of phones nowdays, but cant handle with nokia lumia 1320 sorry dude. it is imossible.... phone like every other. no way... there was a period when i had 1320 in my hand windows 10 on it provided by mictrosoft (i dont remember how they called that programm slow/fast) but still...
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    Post Updating lumia 1320 to windows 10

    Real complicated at first forreal... i`ve pricked one speacement 1320. now i get new one and wonder if it has got any easyer. So is it or is it still complicated as before? radio SD card ect ect. omg. i mean write if you know any better cencearly. Daniel. (eastern EU)
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    Post [TUT][VIDEO] Interop unlock/root wp8/ 8.1 without windows phone internal with sd card

    8.1 to 10 /640XL 640 xl you dont need to do any trick with it just update and uptade siple as taht and goes un til latest WP10 Np done that been there.:angel: