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    Thread Notifications while GT2 Pro is silent ?

    So I've had my watch on silent for months. No issues. Notifications come through , the watch just vibrates. No "sound " alert Today , notifications stop working. Cannot work out why. Turn the volume up a notch and they start coming through. Go back to silent, stops them This hasn't happened...
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    Thread Question Phone Screen on During Calls

    Ok is there anything you can do about this ? More and more my face is suddenly muting calls, hanging up on people , opening aps etc.... Doing my head in gah ! Is there a fix for this ?
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    Thread Question Bluetooth Battery Drain

    Hey guys. Since the April update I've noticed I'm getting a fair bit of Bluetooth Battery drain on my Ultra. Only thing I have connected all the time is my Huawei GT2 Pro watch, but this has always been the case and never had the issue. Just a small snap shot from this morning. Never used...
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    Thread Screen Shot Question

    Love the double tap to take a screen shot. However when you then immediately edit the screen shot (say you Crop it ) it saves both the original shot plus the edit. With Samsung it automatically only saves the edit. Is there a way you can set the M20 to do the same and only save the edited...