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    Thread [GAME]Block Soccer: Block to Goal

    Dear all, I am pleased to inform you about a new game: Block Soccer: Block to Goal. It is a soccer game, but it does combine some physics. The purpose of the game is to score a goal, and you control the ball by blocking it. You block the ball by sliding your finger on the screen. It is easy to...
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    Thread [Library]Rainbow SDK

    Hi all, I have been working on a Library and I need your feedback. The Rainbow SDK (https://dev.i-smartcloud.com/) allows your users to connect to a Cloud Service. Version 1.0 supports the following services: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, OneDrive, ShareFile και SugarSync. Your users...
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    Thread [APP][4+] iSales - Promote your business

    Did you ever find your self in a city that you nothing about it? Where would you go to eat / sleep/ have a cup of coffee? The "iSales - Promote your business" app is here to solve this problem. If you have a business then use this app to post an offer about your business. If you are a user, use...
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    Thread [GAME][FREE][2.3+]Backgammon tournament from the iTavli app

    I am pleased to inform you that the iTavli application is organizing a backgammon tournament. The prize of this tournament is either an iPhone 6 or a Nexus 6 smartphone. The registration is open, and you register within the app. Here are the links Google Play...
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    Thread [APP][2.3+] Rainbow - Sync your data between cloud like services

    Dear all, I am pleased to announce the release of Rainbow 1.0. Here is a brief description of this application: The Rainbow application is a powerful tool to transfer (copy or delete) data from one cloud service to another, in three simple steps: 1) Select the source service. 2) Select the...
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    Thread [GAME][2.2+] iTavli - Three backgammon like games 3.2

    Hi everyone, I am really excited to announce my application "iTavli - Three backgammon like games", which is a board game. If you are familiar with the backgammon game, you will love the other two games: blockgammon (or plakoto) and narde (or fevga). The difference between these two games and...