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    Thread Is there a way to make Always On stay on when charging in the dark?

    Hi I like to charge my phone beside my bed, DND + AOD Unfortunately, It says in always on mode that to reduce power consumption it wont stay on when those DND is on in the dark Is there some way to change that? Is it Rom specific (I'm using eu.xiaomi)? Thanks Tom
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    Thread OK Google hotword

    I can't seem to make my ok google work I've got it connected by bluetooth to my phone so it has data I have the hotword turned on What else do I need to be doing?
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    Thread Traffic on watch

    Hi everyone I have an S8 connected to my HW2. I get traffic alerts/notifications on the phone but I'd like it to come up on my watch. I haven't blocked any notifications. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone else find this? Any advice? Cheers t:confused:
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    Thread lg g3 Marshmallow 6.0 Rom

    Given that I can only find 1 reference to a ROM with MarshMallow is a thread that has been closed, is there any chance this is a hoax? MOD EDIT LINK REMOVED Or Gould I start getting excited? Please advise T
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    Thread ZGPAX S29 Quick Review

    Hi everybody I know there are a few reviews of the S29 around but I didn't find them useful for my decision to purchase the S29 so I'm going to throw in my own 2 cents (I'm Australian - if you don't know what 2c means then just google it). Hopefully if you are reading this review you are...
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    Thread [Q] Odin based G3 variant

    Can someone please explain to me the implications of this article for G3 development... Or tell me its irelevant? CNET: LG to launch new phone with its own 'Odin' AP. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIws46Yzh8
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    Thread [Q] power button heating up

    I checked out a video with the G3 being pulled apart. Right under the power button, is a silver rectangular(ish) component. Can someone tell me what that part is? I'd just like to understand the source of the heat. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Camera Speed

    What controls shutter speed? Is it the ROM, the Kernel, the cpu/overclocking speed or something else? I'm on Anarkia ROM 0.5.0 with a semaphore 1.2 oc 1200 Cheers:confused:
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    Thread Dgtec stb - please help!

    Dear developers I recently bought a dgtec dg-hd2104and which features android 2.2 It is a media player (why I bought it) can access the Internet and can can even download apps... But it also features only one fast forward speed, a terribly clunky interface and takes forever to click through...
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    Thread searching android market

    Is it just me or is searching using the android market really lame? I get so many results that are just irrelevant. I can put in the exact name of the app and it doesn't come up first. Or second or third for that matter. Whatever search engine is going on behind the front end is not working...