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  1. DryreL

    Thread Mi 9T Pro SafetyNet Failed (Magisk 23.0)

    Hello, I have Mi 9T Pro Global Version (raphael). For some reason, SafetyNet fails on my device. What did I try? - Format data & Clean MIUI Flash - Format data & Clean MIUI Flash - Magisk 20.1 - Magisk 23.0 - Magisk Hide - Magisk Hide Props Config None of them worked. Any...
  2. DryreL

    Thread DRM apps such as Netflix cannot be downloadable on Playstore (Magisk Root)

    Hello everyone, I rooted my device with Magisk 23.0 and I was planning watch Netflix but the Netflix app didn't work. Then I removed to re-install. Guess what? It does not shown up in the Playstore results if you search... Versions: Mi 9T Pro 128GB MIUI Android 11 OrangeFox Recovery...
  3. DryreL

    Thread MIUI 11-12 Battery Drain Problem (MIUI Downgrade Solves) What's the best ROM for extended battery life?

    Hi, I was looking for best lightweight ROM for my Mi 9T Pro Global device. Currently I'm on MIUI 12.5.2 and battery life is really bad. I'm getting 7 hours SoT. Sytem UI and Others suck the battery out. (Some screenshots are in Turkish language because that's my native language and I forgot to...