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  1. surya467

    Thread Weird overlay on screen noticed in dark mode

    Hi, I have noticed this very weird overlay on my screen in dark mode, its like the previous app overlay type thing is still existing. I tried to kill the app but it still shows. Also this doesnt appear in screenshots so i had to take a picture and post it here. im on android 10 but i noticed...
  2. surya467

    Thread Nokia 6 TA-1000 - Cannot enter recovery, phone boots 3 times to download mode

    hi guys my nokia 6 is stuck on download mode, i cant enter recovery mode, it just boots 3 times and goes back to download mode. Tried flashing different firmwares, none one, some say reflash service bootloader, and some just get stuck at flash aboot and throws an error. Of all my reading, i...
  3. surya467

    Thread Nokia 6 TA-1000 supports google player services after July update!!! Rejoice!

    Nokia heard us! rejoice! nokia 6 july update Nokia 6 China variant gets Google Play Store support with the July update https://nokiapoweruser.com/exclusive-july-update-nokia-6-china-variant-brings-google-play-store-support-hidden-feature/
  4. surya467

    Thread Outdated google play installed with accounts manager

    Hi, So i was searching for methods to atleast help me login to some apps including taking a backup of my whatsapp chats to google drive. I came across this : Run snapchat without google services and without rooting (1) Download and install snapchat from...
  5. surya467

    Thread Old Photos Hub on Windows 10

    I have Windows 10 mobile installed and thing i hate is the new photos app. Its a privacy buster! The first view is: all pictures There is no way to hide a folder in windows phone, weird actually. So i was thinking, since the old photos hub was pretty much better could there be an app made for...
  6. surya467

    Thread Lumia 1020 running Ubuntu OS spotted! - Real or Fake

    Is this really possible ? If yes, Why isnt it on XDA and how did they do it ? http://www.gizmochina.com/2014/12/26/lumia-1020-ubuntu-os/ Edit : little digging done, seems some guys played around to get some views on their blog, please delete this thread, thanks sorry for the trouble
  7. surya467

    Thread Lockscreen wallpaper pack for live lockscreen [WP8.1]

    Update : Links and mirrors added, more wallpapers added I just had something to do with the live lockscreen effect and came up with these! check them out! no kind of promotion been done, if mods feel its promo, ill remove any links if mentioned. Just sharing, thanks :) DOWNLOAD LINKS...
  8. surya467

    Thread Nokia Lumia 925 and 625 GDR3

    I caught these somewhere, but the links were pulled down. Luckily I copied them. I am really not sure if these are GDR3 ROM files, because I dont own either of these devices. I though best to post here and ask. Sorry if im wrong. Cheers! :D
  9. surya467

    Thread Lumia 820 - RM 825 DEAD , NCS error

    Error while flashing
  10. surya467

    Thread Fatal HIT 3 while booting WP

    Guys, whenever i flash a WP rom i get a FATAL HIT3 error in MAGLDR Android roms on nand and Stock Roms work perfect. Earlier i had the same issue and i flash the LEO70 rom, which opened the key to it and booted WP, after that i could boot any WP Then i installed WM for some reasons and now...
  11. surya467

    Thread WP boot , Fatal HIT 3

    Hi guys, im new to HD2 flashing, and i have tried flashing WP7 Roms to HD2 NAND but everytime i do i get FATAL HIT 3 error in MAGLDR MAGLDR 1.13 HSPL 2.08 Radio : Radio_Leo_2.15.50.14 Anyone can help me or let me know wat could be done. Android ROMs to NAND and SD card are working fine. If...
  12. surya467

    Thread Fatal HIT 3

    Hi guys, im new to HD2 flashing, and i have tried flashing WP7 Roms to HD2 NAND but everytime i do i get FATAL HIT 3 error in MAGLDR MAGLDR 1.13 and 1.12 HSPL 2.08 Radio is latest Anyone can help me or let me know wat could be done. I flashed an android ROM just now, flashed to NAND...
  13. surya467

    Thread Need help to make an app using telerik

    Hey... anyone can help me with a small app i need to make using telerik. Please PM me ill explain! thanks!
  14. surya467

    Thread WP8 Roms on navifirm

    Guys...the WP8 roms are now on navifirm for lumia 920 and 820
  15. surya467

    Thread [Discussion] Why MS dont ask to port apps and games from other platforms

    Ok guys..im actually a bit pissed after yesterdays event. No mention of WP7.8 and all we know is we could just get the Start Screen. +1 for that so i can call it WP 7.5.1 Its just an example...Ok so what i want to point out is..the lumia series..710 , 800 and 900 having a good core processor...
  16. surya467

    Thread Network_Setup_v2.5.0.0

    Guys Network_Setup_v2.5.0.0 was spotted few days ago. I plugged it immediately. Its not patched and i had posted it on the DEV thread of lumia but no one replied. So posting it as a new thread.
  17. surya467

    Thread New update !! Rm801_059q201_1750.0805.8773.12220_002

    NEW UPDATE JUST SPOTTED ON NAVI!! RM-801 - TANGO REFRESH! Change log : unbranded with internet sharing, facebook and twitter integrated, nokia marketplace, maps drive, contacts transfer, also ease of acess mode, nokia blue theme nertwork and sim settings phone and sim options in people hub...
  18. surya467

    Thread [Tutorial]Full Unlock Lumia 710 in Windows using NSS Pro(DETAILED)[UPDATED]

    First of all this is not my work, i was not able to the team with this, but i was following everything and have a heads up as well.. Note : Links Updated biktor_gj over at XDA along with ULTRASHOT managed this. NOTE : IF YOU HAVE A LUMIA 800 WITH QUALCOMM , PM ME Second : IF YOU HAVE NO...
  19. surya467

    Thread Nokia Lumia 900 Update Variant: ATT CYAN (12082)

    Nokia Lumia 900 , RM-808 If anybody wants to try these, can have a go. Warning : NOT TESTED These files are found using "Nokia Lumia Updater" app from the marketplace. There seems to be more variants. If anyone want to check can flash and update us. ******* changelog****************** 1...
  20. surya467

    Thread How to Developer Unlock WP7.5(mango) for FREE!! (works with previous OS too)

    Mod edit: Thread closed. This is borderline, if not explicitly, fraud. The technique involves wrongfully claiming that you are a student at a particular community college--one, in which you do not intend on taking any classes. It is unethical, and really mean to use the college in such a...
  21. surya467

    Thread Some bugs on lumia 800 and things that could be incuded(just to know)

    Ok..i bought the lumia 800 on 31st jan,2012, since i found it very intresting at gsmarena....first i wanted to get the n9 but its not in our country so den i ditched the idea(regret a bit :( ) nyways... Here it is...i have it..lumia 800..and flaws in a new OS are bound to be there.. 1...