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    Thread redmi 7a, bootloop after installing treble roms

    Hello everybody! Im trying to ditch the spywareOS that came with my phone, but i seem to be unable to find a replacement. The only thing that actually boots after install is a lineageOS 17.zip installation, but thats incredibly unstable and has deal-breaking bugs. So im trying desperately to...
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    Thread Ad free offline contacts manager?

    Hello all! Im a paranoid android user, so ive limited all app permissions on my phone, rendering most of googles apps useless (they´ll just shut down at launch). Im perfectly fine with that, i dont trust google with my data anyway... So im trying to find replacements, so i kan keep my false...
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    Thread App development for newbie, USB-OTG arduino project

    Hi all! Im working on a project but im in way over my head.. If it were easy it wouldnt be fun... :) First of all; im not the average joe, i have some learning difficulties, witch in essence makes it very hard for me to learn programming in general since its such a huge piece of knowledge to...
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    Thread Increase in-call volume, Moto E LTE (single sim) (handset+headphones)

    I have the Moto E 2015 LTE (single sim eu version) and had a hard time hearing what the other person were saying during calls. This was a problem when trying to talk "normally", with the phone against my ear. (no headphones or speakerphone) After some googling and testing i finally found a way...
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    Thread [Q] managing external sd card

    I have this peculiar problem, sometimes my sd card wont auto-mount. Thats not really a issue since its easily fixed, but the thing is that when the sd card is not mounted, another folder is used in its place. so when i try to access the sd card i go to /mnt/sdcard/_externalsd/ Sometimes i get...
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    Thread toggle mobile data on/off

    i used to have a widget on my htc hero that could turn on/off mobile data network aswell as wlan, gps and so on, think it was called power manager. But after i migrated to the lg optimus 2x, no such option is available, even tho it appears to be the same widget as on my old phone. I tryed...
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    Thread [Q] Optimus 2x on mac os X

    I recently got the new LG Optimus 2X and im having some real headache over it.. The thing is that it refuses to mount its sdcard on my macbook (10.6.6). I tryed pretty much everything short of injecting valium, but it simply will not comply. So could anyone please help me before my hair turns...
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    Thread [Q] Sending remote signals over HDMI to optimus?

    HDMI 1.3 incorporates a function to allow the tv remote to control other hdmi units, called regza link in my toshiba tv, but most manufacturers have their own (semi-compatible) versions. From what i understand from the tech specs, the optimus x2 does have HDMI 1.3, so i wonder, can i use the tv...
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    Thread Suggestion to devs: audio to IR adapter + remote control app

    I cant program, simply to dumb to learn it, but i had a idea that i think is worth spreading :) Use the audio output jack, connected to a IR diode and write a app that uses audio bursts to control a ir reciever (tv, stereo and so on). I dont know enough about the ir diodes to be able to tell...
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    Thread Why not release distro´s over bittorrent??

    I have some issues with thease download pages that eather cap the bandwith or require "premium" pay accounts, and almost all of thease download sites requires the user to wait for 30-70 seconds before proceding.. so i wonder, why arent we using bittorrent as medium?? i suggest that we change...
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    Thread a diy stylus for hero

    i accidentaly found a "stylus" for my hero, a hotdog bread worked just great as a finger substitute.. not as precise as a finger (due to its size) but worked just as well. i have tryed numerous other things as a stylus, but none worked.. have anyone else found a working material for styli?
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    Thread GPS in 2.1, why isnt it working (and are there roms that do)?

    I sincerely love the 2.1, and i really appreciate the work and effort the dev´s are putting into the rom´s that are available free of charge. But i cant find a rom that has working GPS on/off feature, everyone i tryed so far requires phone reboot.. so i wonder, why is it so hard to enable GPS...
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    Thread Use android phone as generic bluetooth keyboard/mouse?

    I would love to be able to use my phone as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my media center (ps3, xbox media center), but cannot find any info about this.. I guess it would be up to the bluetooth drivers, and to my understanding, that was the big issue with bluetooth file transfer on pre 2.x...
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    Thread using the phone as bluetooth keyboard/mouse?

    I would like to use my phone as a generic Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my computer and ps3. I have found some apps that enables this, but it requires some sort of server software on the (win pc) computer. So I wonder if it requires a different type of hardware or if its theoretically...
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    Thread store a sim-card and use it "offline"?

    I had a idea but couldnt figure it out with a google search.. The sim-card is as i understand it merely a storage card for a bunch of identity-data. Couldnt it, at least in theory, be possible to make the phone scan and save the sim-card info? That would make it possible to leave the card at...
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    Thread aditional pulldown "tray"?

    The notifications tray is great, easily pops down most of the time and the apps tray (with ALL the apps) is just as nice. But i would like a extra tray for settings and/or favorite apps instead of clogging the "desktop" with shortcuts. like a tray that flips out from the side of the screen...
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    Thread Verbose boot?

    i love my hero, but the boot process couldnt be any slower.. And its very frustrating that it loads with a black screen and a animated gif, when i would like to know exactly what its currently loading, like a verbose boot. On Mac OS X, when booting the computer one can hold command-V for...
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    Thread cool (less known) functions, hints and tricks?

    Im playing around with my newly rooted hero all day long but i feel im missing a bit of the techie geeky part of the equation.. :) I learned that by holding down home and power button during start takes the phone to the recovery screen (if you have a rooted phone) and the back + powerbutton...
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    Thread problems with SU after rooting

    I followed http://theunlockr.com/2009/08/27/how-to-root-your-htc-hero-in-one-click/ and rooted my phone successfully. Afterwards i installed the SU and Superuser.apk as suggested on other tutorials, verified it from the computer (shell su) and clicked always allow on the window that popped up on...
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    Thread Wifi Tethering?

    I just got my brand spanking new HTC Hero and started filling it up with apps and games, but i fail to find a wifi tether option.. I know i read it was suppose to be done, but i fail to realise exactly how to achieve this.. Do you guys have any input? i was hoping to be able to use the phone...
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    Thread UPNP support?

    Im using a UPNP server on my computer to share my media files to my playstation 3 and would like to use my brand spanking new HTC Hero (arriving tomorrow) as a second client. Is there a app that can handle it?
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    Thread Temporary root access to install unsigned software?

    Forgive my ignorance, but ive never used android before and expecting my phone delivered tomorrow (htc hero! :D) As i understand it, the android app store signs the apps similar to iphones itunes store to prevent piracy and malware. Is this correct? Ive read about how one can "root" the...