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    Thread Using Hong Kong S10+ in UK - Samsung Pay (Watch not working)

    I have a HK Variant S10 plus which is working just fine in the UK. Even the HK samsung pay works well on the phone. However, I cant get samsung pay on my Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch. I assume that because I have a UK watch and the HK Phone, that I cannot download the Samsung Pay Watch Plugin...
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    Post Galaxy S10 Plus - How can I trigger the camera app from screen turned off?

    Thanks so much! I did search for this but couldn't find anything other than bixby button reassignment
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    Thread Galaxy S10 Plus - How can I trigger the camera app from screen turned off?

    I`ve just upgraded from a S7 edge to an S10+ and the main thing I miss is the ability to double press the home button on the S7 to trigger the camera app. I have mapped a double press of the bixby button to the camera app, but that will only work once the device is unlocked. Is there a way...
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    Post Whats the state of Windows 10 booting on ARM Android Tablets?

    Anyone?? Would like to know from someone who undersntad the boot technology on ARM powered Android tabs if its even practical to modify the bootloader to load a windows image.
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    Thread Whats the state of Windows 10 booting on ARM Android Tablets?

    So Windows 10 on ARM is here, and I have seen a project resulting in Win10 running on an ARM phone (Lumia 950XL) Does anyone know if there are projects to install Windows 10 on an ARM powered Android Tablet?
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    Yes you can, but pay wont work.
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    Thread Using Samsung Pay on S3 *without* phone being present

    So I understand that you can use Pay on the S3 even when your phone isn't with you. In this case, you will have to enter a PIN number to use pay. I am in the UK. My question is:: Is there a limit to the number of transactions that you can perform away from the phone before it stops working -...
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    Yes this is our problem ;) My one came from Amazon with a 2 pin EU adapter and German as the default language. Its gone back for a refund, and I picked up a new one from argos. Samsung Pay installed on the watch as soon as I set it up. Used it successfully this morning. All good!
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    Good to hear someone else with the same experience. My S3 is being sent back today for a refund. I`ll buy a replacement direct from Samsung this time.
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    I`m not familiar with the SDB tool, but from what you are saying, it seems like I don't have a UK S3, even though I bought it from Amazon UK. When I set up the watch originally I has to select UK language because it defaulted to german, so I think this must be the issue. I will call amazon and...
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    It does, in that it verifies that I have the up to date versions on my devices. But I`m still mystified as to why others have pay on their Gear S3 and I don't... My Galaxy S7 is not rooted, Pay works fine on the phone, but there is no option to get Pay onto the watch. I have the same version of...
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    Can someone who has samsung pay working on a UK Gear S3 please post the version number of the samsung pay app on their phone. Thanks.
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    Post Still No Samsung Pay For UK

    27th July, Still no sign of Samsung pay. ok, so I see that lots of people are posting that they have Pay on UK Gear S3. I don't. No notifications on watch or phone, on either Gear App or Sansung pay. What gives? The Samsung Gear app shows version 2.2.17022862 The Samsung Pay app shows...
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    Post Battery - to drain or not to drain?

    Lithium Ion. Avoid full cycles. Partial charge is better. Google "battery university" for more info on caring for lithium ion batteries
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    Post Whats the value of Wifi on a Gear S3 if you have your phone with you?

    So basically if you have your phone with you at all times, its a complete waste of battery. Turned off. Cheers.
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    Thread Whats the value of Wifi on a Gear S3 if you have your phone with you?

    I believe the point of having Wifi at all on the gear S3 is so that your phone can continue to talk to your gear via the Samsung account over the internet (assuming both devices are on and connected to the internet over wifi) Is this the only use case for Wifi being turned on? Does this...
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    Post Solution to Blank Screen During Calls

    Same here. No Set button.
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    Post Another Mango bug: Phone freezes while using Zune

    More posts on this issue here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=18594912#post18594912
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    Post Mango crashing playing music

    I raised a support ticket with HTC and was told that HTC were *not* aware of this issue. Suggest we keep up the pressure on this one untill a fix is made available. anyone who is experiencing problems, can you please post in the microsoft answers thread (linked earlier) and also raise a...
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    Post DISAPPOINTED in HTC and Windows Phone 7

    I think there are plenty of posts in this thread showing that some users are not happy with WP7. We dont need any more.
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    Post DISAPPOINTED in HTC and Windows Phone 7

    Mods, please lock the thread. This discussion adds no value. If you have compaints or feature suggestions, head over to the microsoft forums where someone who cares might actually read them.
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    Post Mango crashing playing music

    *PLEASE* Post your issues onto microsoft answers Guys, please please please take a moment to go over to Microsoft answers and post your music freezing issues on this thread. Hopefully microsoft will fix it if enough people complain...
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    Post DISAPPOINTED in HTC and Windows Phone 7

    Very little changed? I think you forgot to turn the phone on. Sent from my HD7 T9292 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App
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    Post Missing/Broken Features in Mango Maps

    I also forced to mango, but I`m left thinking that my compass driver is not working or completley missing. I think I will flash a pre-nodo O2 rom and re-apply the update.
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    Post Missing/Broken Features in Mango Maps

    So:: 63 views and no replies? Somone on mango must be able to confirm if they see that issues as me...
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    Thread Missing/Broken Features in Mango Maps

    I have the following issues in the maps application after upadting to mango. would be interested to see if others have the same issues. 1) The option to set maps to "rotate with my current direction" does not do anything. Maps always stay facing north, even when dricing directions are listed...
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    Thread **Warning** The disconnect trick may not update drivers

    If you use the disconnect trick to force NODO, then you won`t get device drivers for your phone I`m on mango, but the IE9 speed reading page give me 4fps. No hardware accelleration.
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    Thread [Q] Will HTC update HD7 for tethering?

    Anyone know if HTC plan to release a firmware update to support tethering on the HD7? Whilst Mango supports tethering (dependent on carrier) - the stock HD7 firmware does not. HTC have already publicly said that they did not have enough time to update the firmware for tethering to coincide...
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    Post Vodafone group to roll Mango out tomorrow

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    Post is it a lie all about the HTML5 on wp7

    If you are running an unnoficial Mango release (which I assume you must be) then this is normal. Your unofficial mango OS does *not* include the updated drivers for your hardware, which means that HTML5 hardware acelleration will not work. Wait until you get the official mango update and then...
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    Post The "I Have Got the Official Mango Update Thread"

    Guys, please note that the idiots at microsoft have created a *new* page for the mango update status, and they have left the old one (which doesn`t include mango) up. This means if any of you have bookmarked the old "Wheres my update" page, or If you navigate to "Wheres my update" from the...
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    Post Mango Update: Carriers Status

    You have to bear in mind that most of these carriers employ idiots to man their helpdesks, and they don`t feed them with good information either. I phoned up O2 last week to ask how to change voicemail notification from SMS to onscreen icon - they didn`t even know how to do that! (I worked it...
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    Post Waiting for official update

    Tuesday. Just after lunch ;-)
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    Post Missing Voicemail icon on lockscreen/livetile

    I`ve solved my issue - its (at least for me) a carrier setting inside voicemail. I found that there was a "notifications menu" in the voicemail settings when I called my voicemail mailbox. In there I could change from text message to "onscreen notification". That did the trick. Happy days!
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    Post mango turn by turn navigation

    Microsoft don`t comment on these boards, so youre going to be waiting a long time. Just to reiterate what others have already said, this is a licencing restriction imposed on microsoft. Its been cited by multiple sources on the internet, if you want to go look for yourself. By all means...
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    Thread Missing Voicemail icon on lockscreen/livetile

    My Mrs and I both have WP7 phones (her a omnia 7 and me a HD7). She is on O2 prepay and i`m on O2 corporate. Her phone will display a nice little voicemail icon on the lockscreen when she has a unread voicemail. My HD7 does`nt show this at all. Does anyone know how to get the voicemail icon...
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    Post [Q] I need help.... Please..

    It would help if you explained what you want to achieve with a jailbroken phone. If you want to sideload apps, then chevronwp7 will be out soon Sent from my HD7 T9292 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App
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    Post [Q] Syncing Outlook contacts and calendar to WP7

    I think the "standard" for privacy on the internet of which you speak of was established well before WP7 was released. You seem to be defining pirvacy on the internet in such narrow terms as to make the discussion meaningless. I don`t live in the US either. But still, you seem to fail to grasp...
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    Post [Q] Syncing Outlook contacts and calendar to WP7

    I really don`t get this logic. "I`m not happy with Microsoft holding my data in the cloud so Can you show me how I can get company B to hold my data in the cloud instead." What difference does it make? When are you people going to understand that privacy doesn`t mean what it did 10 years...
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    Post [Q] HD7 Gorilla Glass?

    My HD7 picked up a tiny scratch after 3 days use. The screen scratches, period. Buy a screen protector and forget all about what make of glass it is, its glass which needs protection.
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    Post DISAPPOINTED in HTC and Windows Phone 7

    How to you think these cloud services get paid for / subsidised today (heres a clue - its advertising) , and why do you think the existing model is going to shift to a subscription model in future? I still beleive these objections are based on irrational fear.
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    Post No sulotion for MMS on Samsung Omnia 7

    In an attempt to clarify what the OP is saying:: He needs to set his MMS settings to a carrier which is NOT LISTED in the "connection setup" style apps which are in the manufactueres section of the marketplace. If your carrier isn`t listed in these applications there is NO standard way of...
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    Post [Q] DLNA for WP7 - Please!!!!

    Thanks, but I`m not interested in cracked software or jailbreaking devices. I want a "proper" application available on the marketplace.
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    Post [Q] DLNA for WP7 - Please!!!!

    DLNA is a protocol - its a superset of UPNP.
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    Thread [Q] DLNA for WP7 - Please!!!!

    I would pay a premium price for a good DLNA streaming application for my WP7. Anyone writing one??
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    Post HD7 A2DP Quality?

    Can't say I've noticed. I'm playing Bluetooth audio through my car stereo and it sounds pretty good to me. Sent from my HD7 T9292 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App
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    Thread [Q]

    Guya, I`ve got a really annoying issue on my UK HD7 - Google shopping just doesnt work. I have a feeling it was ok pre Nodo. Can anyone offer any help? Steps to replicate (on HTC HD7 - Nodo update). in WP7 IE, navigate to www.google.co.uk - ensuring that you view the desktop page (not the...
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    Post official nodo now out for o2 uk :)

    My O2 HD7 Updated to Nodo last night. Firmware revision number: 2250.09.16901.206 Radio Software version:
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    Post Flickering home screen issue on HD7

    As you imply, this is a known issue. Its also been fixed already by HTC in a subsequent firmware which football has made available on another thread. For those not comfortable with flashing the firmware manually the updated firmware will be included in the NODO update. A post in this thread...
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    Post *Sigh*....starting to lose faith...

    This thread has gone spectacularly off topic.