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    Thread [APP][5.0+] Blackfox, new browser based on fenix with many customizaton features

    Blackfox a fenix based browser but with many features and freedom. here' s some of the features i ve implemented in black fox: 1)Black amoled theme, (bonus dark mode for web content adding a ublock custom filter) 2)Based on nighly but tested for stability and about:config available 3)Unlimited...
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    Thread change overall system scrool friction

    does anyone know how to change scrolling friction in android, I ve got both root and xposed. I know about XuiMod xposed module but it has not been updated for a long time, so can please someone tell me which files manually modify to REDUCE scroll friction in android? even a root app or xposed...
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    Thread [Q] Pause button of bluetooth handset wont work anymore after 4.4.2

    hello everyone i really hope someone can hepl me i really hate samsung and android : after updating my international galaxy note 3 (italy no brand) ti cannot pause song using play/pause button on my bluetooth handset BLACK PANTHER CITY Urban Walk, the play pause button only send play event to...