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    Thread I have no OTA and no USB on P 40 Pro, please help..

    I have now: P40 Pro, C432, Base Software: ELS-LGRP4-OVS, Cust:, Preload: (C432R5) I made a Downgrade from the highest Version to (no OTA, no USB), then I tried DLOAD to, this worked. But I cannot Upgrade to higher Version, I tried everything, I...
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    Thread Lineage OS 18.1 with MindTheGapps on Bacon

    Everything works, but I have a problem with Google Voice Match: "Hey Google" This function is not available on this device. I have no idea, what to do..
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    Thread Security Check

    I installed Resurrection Remix 7.0.2 on RN7, no root, but one specific app (MC Donalds App :)) says: "Your device did not pass our security check. Please check that you run a Google trusted OS Version, that the device is not rooted and that you have no harmful apps installed." Does someone have...