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    Thread [Q][DEVS][SOLVED!!] Modified kernel to support in-call 2-way recording [SOLVED!!]

    hi all, I am posting this new thread as the mods deleted it for some reason instead of just moving it to the correct section, but I was wondering if anyone has had luck with the in-call 2-way recording with apps similar to RVOIX for the EVO. If so, which kernel are you using? As far as I know...
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    Thread Default ringtone??

    Ok so I have my own custom mikfroyo 4.5 Rom, and I added all the removed ringtones back in. I went to choose my ringtone and there was double everything so I cleared my media storage data so it would remove the duplicates and then I restarted. When it booted back up, someone was calling me...
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    Thread Ringtones showing up twice! Annoying

    ok i have searched everywhere on this forum and google, and though i have found other people with the same issue i have, there has been no solution. i was wondering if someone could please help me. my ringtones, notification sounds and alarm sounds are all showing up twice in the selection...
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    Thread [Q] how to get audio when playing flash videos?

    Hi all, I'm having trouble getting audio out of flash videos...I have all my volumes all the way up. Any suggestions? I'm rooted with Steelh rooted 2.2 stock ROM with netarchy kernel 4.1.8 bfs. The audio never worked for me even when I was on netarchy kernel 4.0.3a, but it does on my wifes...