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    Thread [GAME] [4.0.4+] Reaching The Sky

    REACHING THE SKY In the sunrise of science a man known for his unrivaled wisdom said: “Flying through the sky has never been easy and it never will”. This, my friends, is a true fact in history and we, people of culture, decided to honor his words by creating Reaching the Sky, a simulator in...
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    Thread [Q] Dead HTC HD2 (Why? Don't know - explanation inside)

    Hi I was playing an android game, can't remember wich one, when suddenly my HTC HD2 turned unresponsive (bloqued), so I removed the battery and powered it on again. When I did this, the bootloader opened but it seemed bloqued too, no android message, no bootloader opening, anything... And once...
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    Thread [Q] Problem installing Linux on Iconia (/dev/mmcblk0p7)

    13/01 I was trying to install ubuntu on my Iconia, after updated my bootloader to V8 again. The first problem I had is that most of the files are offline now and I can't try all the options that users oferes. I want to make it work without external-SD, 'cause I haven't got one now. I used this...
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    Thread Anyone can port a rom of Samsung Galaxy Tab / Note 10.1?

    Continuing with the "Galaxy Note 10.1 Port" in Android development, I want to ask if anybody think that can port this AND MADE IT WORK? I think that this will be fantastic news for all the owners of Iconia a500. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English!