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    Thread OnHub problem with 5G

    My LG-G4 and Samsung S4 only connect at 2.4G to the TP-Link Onhub (TPLink). They both connect to 5G when I use a Netgear router. If I place either phone right next to the OnHub, I can momentarily connect (about 2% of the time) to the 5G, When I look at the details of the 5G connection (it only...
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    Thread ICS Battery Consumption

    Installed Verizon OTA ICS yesterday. Immediate battery drain until I made 2 easy changes: DISPLAY: Default display was at max brightness. Changed to Auto. MOBILE NETWORK & WiFi: Prior to this, largest battery drain was on Mobile Network (3g/4g). Wifi could run all day. ICS lets you keep both...
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    Thread TP2 WM6.5 email connection interrupts browser

    My Verizon TP2 w/WM6.5 has a new problem I did not have with 6.1. My email is set to check my ATT email every 15 mins. If I am using the internet (IE or Opera), my internet screen is replaced by the email inbox screen. How can I stop the email connection from overriding the browser? I think...