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    Thread Snapchat and exposed

    Hi I have issues in pass few days where Snapchat locks me out after installing xposed. It seem like lastest Snapchat seem to check safetynet each time instead of one off check. I am running magisk 16.4 and systemless xposed. I just was wondering if anyone is facing this issues? This could be...
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    Thread Not able to enable dm verity [Non-Rooted Device/Stock Recovery/BootLocker locked]

    So when i do this command: fastboot oem enable_dm_verity I get "Failed (remote: Unknown command) I just trying to get rid of warning DM_verity is disabled, as i have re flash to stock recovery and lock my boot loader, i just want to get rid of this warning. I don't want to root this device, as...
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    Thread Possible to restore recovery and re-lock bootloader without data lost

    So I brought oneplus 3t for my father from china so it running hydrogen OS but now we moved back to Australia it would more sensible to change to google services for apps download and updates so i flashed Oxygen OS something stable but I was wondering how should re lock boot loader and maybe...