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    Post OnHub problem with 5G

    No band selection available on LG G4.
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    Thread OnHub problem with 5G

    My LG-G4 and Samsung S4 only connect at 2.4G to the TP-Link Onhub (TPLink). They both connect to 5G when I use a Netgear router. If I place either phone right next to the OnHub, I can momentarily connect (about 2% of the time) to the 5G, When I look at the details of the 5G connection (it only...
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    Post ICS Battery Consumption

    Another power saver is to turn off Auto-Sync in the "Accounts ans sync" in Settings.
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    Post (ICS) Power Efficiency Setting

    I emailed HTC about this. This was their response: "In regards to this, I'm going to get the power efficiency option reported. In the meanwhile, you can manually turn off the 4g and autosync options, which is what that function accomplishes." Hope this helps.
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    Post ICS OTA WiFi Issues

    Starting last week my Comcast internet service began disconnecting intermittently, especially late afternoon through the evening. After wasting time on their website and with an online chat, I called Comcast to ask about the modem. They told me I needed an upgraded Docsis3 modem. I went to...
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    Post (ICS) Power Efficiency Setting

    Also have same question. Sent from my ADR6400L using xda app-developers app
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    Post ICS OTA WiFi Issues

    I've had no Wifi issues so far. Using Comcast cable modem, I am getting Wifi download speeds of 25 mbps & uploads of 5 mbps. Sent from my ADR6400L using xda app-developers app
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    Thread ICS Battery Consumption

    Installed Verizon OTA ICS yesterday. Immediate battery drain until I made 2 easy changes: DISPLAY: Default display was at max brightness. Changed to Auto. MOBILE NETWORK & WiFi: Prior to this, largest battery drain was on Mobile Network (3g/4g). Wifi could run all day. ICS lets you keep both...
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    Thread TP2 WM6.5 email connection interrupts browser

    My Verizon TP2 w/WM6.5 has a new problem I did not have with 6.1. My email is set to check my ATT email every 15 mins. If I am using the internet (IE or Opera), my internet screen is replaced by the email inbox screen. How can I stop the email connection from overriding the browser? I think...
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    Post Soft Reset a TP2

    Soft Reset made easy I contacted HTC to ask the difference between a soft reset using the hard to reach reset button and just powering the TP2 off and then on. They said there was no difference and the red power button would perform a soft reset. Obvious question then is "what is the reset...
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    Post [APP] (24/08/09) DPBv1.1 - Power Button Options With Keyboard Open (Any Key Power On)

    Fantastic! Please explain options This is a fantastic help and it works. When I asked HTC about this problem, there answer was "The only resolution HTC can offer is to not touch the backlight button while you are typing." But I was wondering what the various options actually do?