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    Thread Samsung Secure Folder = Sandbox?

    I'm just wondering how secure Samsung's Secure Folder is if I use it as a Sandbox for those high-risk or untrustworthy app (like some from China). I was told it's supposed to be a sandbox for it doesn't allow any access to the data outside the Secure Folder, but I'm not sure how permissions...
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    Post [HOW-TO][EXYNOS/SNAPDRAGON] Root S20 series and upgrade firmware

    Sorry I'm new to this. I'm planning to buy a korean version of S20 (SM-G981N) and flash it with Hong Kong firmware. First of all, would this be possible to pull off? Can I just download the official Hong Kong firmware from the official website here...
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    Thread Question Has heating issue of this phone been fixed?

    I'm considering whether to buy this phone because how compact and elegant it is. :love: Thing is the heating issue I've heard of is holding me back. I've heard that the heating issue of Zenfone 8 has been fixed over the last 2 updates but I'm not quite sure about it. Can anyone confirm this...