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    Thread General 9 Pro Photos VERY Slow To Appear In Google Photo App VS. OPO 7T Pro

    When a photo is taken with the new camera and then you back out and open Google Photos, that image takes a very long time (at least 15 seconds or more) to show up as available in the Google Photo gallery. This is NOT due to Google uploading the photo. When I tested the same process with my older...
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    Thread N6P MM6.0.1 Spontaneous Erasing Of ALL Bluetooth Connections

    Hello, So I have not seen this one listed... I have been running into a VERY obnoxious intermittent Bluetooth issue. I'm very curious to know if anyone else has had this happen or is having this happen and if ANYONE has any sort of workaround/fix/thoughts/help! I posted this on my car forum as...
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    Thread Second Screen Theme/Icons

    I noticed that when I changed my theme/icons with Nova Launcher the icons in the second screen did not re-skin with the theme pack I selected. To test this I selected my Gmail icon in my app drawer and changed it, as well as updated the list of apps that the second screen would display. This did...
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    Thread Samsung Collaboration Cases

    Does anyone on the forum happen to know when the Montblanc and Swarovski cases will be released for the S6 EDGE +? I see them listed on the international Samsung page under S6 + accessories as well as in the "Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +" app. Thanks!