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    Post Already updated to Android 12, now being asked if I want to update to 12 again

    So I just got off the phone with VZW and they say that there appears to be no difference between the "global" version and the VZW version and that I might as well accept the update. They also mentioned that at some point, say when I go to install the next security update that the VZW A12 update...
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    Post Already updated to Android 12, now being asked if I want to update to 12 again

    So I have a new twist on this problem. I have an unlocked Pixel 4a that until this weekend was on Google Fi. I updated to 12 while still on Fi and my build number matches the build number for unlocked phones. Over the weekend I switched my phone over to VZW and within 5 minutes of activation...
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    Thread Android 12 no 360 degree rotation?

    Just got the A12 update yesterday and noticed that my phone no longer rotates 360 degrees and I can't find any way to re-enable this. Did they take that option out with the new "smart rotation"?
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    Thread Using physical sim and esim on Project Fi

    So this may be more of a Fi question but it also relates to the 4a. Since getting my 4a I've seen a couple of articles talking about setting up the eSim on Fi in addition to the physical sim (also Fi) to improve reception which I find to be a bit worse than the Pixel 4. Has anyone heard of...
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    Thread Anyone thinking of "downgrading" to the 4A?

    So I was hanging on to my OG Pixel waiting for the 4A to come out when the OG suddenly died. Needed a phone asap so I picked up the 4. It's a decent enough phone but I have some nagging complaints, I had to get the 64gb version (I was in a hurry), lack of fingerprint scanner, lack of headphone...
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    Post Repair Pixel 2 or Take the Plunge on the 4a

    So I was in a similar boat, was waiting for the 4A to come out when my OG Pixel suddenly died. Needed a phone asap so I picked up the 4. It's a decent enough phone but I miss my fingerprint reader, headphone jack and since I was in a hurry with no phone I had to get a 64gb pixel 4. I'm...
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    Post Standby drain

    Mine has also started to drain really quickly over the last few days. I don't think I've added any new apps recently so I have no idea what's going on. What is the best way to try to track what is using battery?
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    Thread Lockscreen clock font size?

    So I recently got a wireless charging stand for my P4 and quickly realized that at night when it's charging the font on the lockscreen clock is too small for me to read without my glasses. I've looked through settings and haven't found a way to fix this, is there any way to increase the font...
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    Post No notification sounds from messenger

    So just to update the problem, I installed a couple different sms apps and both had no problems with sound notifications. I guess this a problem with messenger running on the Pixel 4...
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    Thread No notification sounds from messenger

    So just had to upgrade to Pixel 4 two weeks ago when my beloved Pixel 1 decided to die without warning. With everything else going on these days I've been slowly getting the phone set up the way I like it but I finally happened to notice that I am not getting a sound notification for text...
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    Post Fire HD10 7th Gen vs 8th (2019) gen -- performance difference?

    Is the HD8 suitable for watching netflix and disney? So I'm starting to look for a replacement for my old Galaxy s3 tablet and the pricing for the HD8 is hard to argue with. I really only want this for watching videos when I'm on the this tablet suitable for this? I've seen...
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    Post Pixel and Android 10 permissions question

    So my dumb question then is there an easy way to go through all apps and turn on/off run at startup?
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    Thread Pixel and Android 10 permissions question

    So Android 10 is running great on my OG Pixel so far but I'm puzzled by the fact that I'm now getting random prompts that some random app that I haven't run in a long time has just requested location access. This might actually be more of an "how does android work" than a pixel question but I...
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    Post Google Pixel 1 battery troubles

    So my battery woes aren't as bad as yours but I did get to the point where I had the battery replaced. I went to uBreakiFix and I have no idea what battery they put in but the bottom line is a brand new battery didn't help much. I got a little better battery life but not as much as I had...
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    Thread compass problems

    So I have noticed that the compass on my Pixel is always inaccurate unless I open Maps first. For example if I open a simple compass app (have tried several) it will always be off by a good bit. If I open Maps, compass directions are correct and if I then go back into a compass app the...
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    Post Google Pixel: 2 years later

    Still rocking my OG pixel but tomorrow I am getting a battery replacement. Phone works great but watching the battery level is like watching the gas gauge on a race car... no desire to upgrade as everything else works great.
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    Post Verizon Pixel OTA 8.0 received

    Man, that's annoying, I still haven't gotten it on my Project Fi pixel. I left vzw because I never got updates!
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    Post best manual camera app?

    So I'm assuming "camera geeks" will be viewing this thread so I thought I'd ask a question. I loved the Moto camera app on my Moto X and I really miss some of it's features in the stock PIxel camera app. If you switch from the stock app what happens to picture quality? Is the picture quality...
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    Post Overall love

    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to look into Tasker.
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    Post Overall love

    So I got my Pixel right before Christmas and switched from VZW to Project Fi at the same time. Mostly love the phone (and the service) and my minor complaints are all due to me being so used to my old Moto X '14. I really liked some of the Moto "tweaks" such as the twist camera and flashlight...
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    Post Pixel died this morning, no apparent reason

    Maybe unrelated but I just had similar problem on my old Moto X '14. I'm using it as a backup device on Fi and I accidentally let it run out of power (no idea how much battery was left when it shut down). The phone is running a Nougat rom and it appeared completely dead until a found the...
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    Post All About Pixel Screen Protectors

    I gave up I tried glass for the first time but after two failures that would not adhere for 2-3 mm around the edge of the screen I gave up and got a wet applied film screen cover. All I know is that I had zero problems putting a glass cover on my sons iphone 7 but failed miserably on my pixel...
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    Post Software (ease of use, features, etc)

    Coming from a Moto X '14 which had outstanding camera software I'm disappointed with the Pixel. You could do almost everything one handed on the MX14 from zooming in/out to taking a picture by touching the screen. Just yesterday I realized that I can't draw on pixel photos either. Hoping they...
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    Post Google Pixel/Pixel XL Use USB Power Delivery up to 18W, do not support Qualcomm QC

    Thanks for the info! At least I won't have to replace every charging block I own right off the bat.
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    Post Google Pixel/Pixel XL Use USB Power Delivery up to 18W, do not support Qualcomm QC

    Ok so I'm waiting on my Pixel and after reading this thread I'm confused. If I am NOT worried about quick charging can I just plug a usb-c cable into any existing power block? Just like everyone else I have a ton of them and I don't often need a quick charge. Also will my existing external...
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    Post Google Pixel/XL Shipping Status Discussion

    So the several times I was unable to order were on my desktop computer at home. Yesterday afternoon while sitting in a pub I tried again from my phone to order from Google and was successful. The only weird part is I was trying to order the pixel using my personal gmail account instead of the...
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    Post Google Pixel/XL Shipping Status Discussion

    I see several people were able to order yesterday? I've been trying for a couple of days and google just says backordered and won't let me did you guys manage to purchase?
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    Thread Can't stand all the pop up ads when browsing help!

    Ok, hoping I found the right forum, sorry if I didn't. I have a Moto X '14 (rooted, unlocked, running stock 6.0) and I use Dolphin and Chrome as my browsers. I don't think I have a malware problem I think it's just the fact that browsing on my phone is almost unbearable due to the ads that pop...
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    Thread Moto X 2014 getting REALLY slow

    So in the last couple of weeks my MX14 seems to be getting slower and slower. I went in and dumped all my photos, freeing up an additional 3.5 gb but the lag just keeps getting worse. I'm just trying to keep this phone running for a few more months until I upgrade to something new...does...
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    Post XT1096 Bought From Motorola

    You are stuck unless you unlock the bootloader, root and rom. It's been months since I did this for my phone so I don't remember the various links but Moto should allow you to unlock the phone and then you can choose the rom you want. I've been running the stock vzw/moto Marshmallow from one...
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    Post Netflix issue solved!

    Since I don't know how to do that I would say I did not...
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    Post Netflix issue solved!

    So I tried for quite some time today to get this solution to work only to find myself completely unable to rename or delete the file. I am rooted and running the stock vzw 6.0 rom but I can't figure this out. Tried a couple different root file managers and nothing worked. Some...
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    Post [ROM][STOCK[MM 6.0]XT1096 verizon flashable stock rom

    Ok, so now I guess I know why netflix stopped would I go about finding and older version of netflix?
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    Thread Can't connect to wifi that redirects to a login page

    Since the MM update (stock verizon, no root) my wife's phone cannot connect to wifi networks that have a redirect to a login screen like you see in hotels and unfortunately her work network. At first I suspected an issue with chrome so I had her clear the cache for chrome which works for...
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    Post [ROM][STOCK[MM 6.0]XT1096 verizon flashable stock rom

    Since flashing this rom it has been about 99.8% rock solid, really happy with it. One of the few problems I've encountered is with the "wave to wake" gesture. Sometimes it works but usually not. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Post [ROM][STOCK[MM 6.0]XT1096 verizon flashable stock rom

    Ok really stupid question here (I think). Just flashed this rom, everything seems to be working so far (THANKS!) but I noticed that I no longer see the "unlocked device" splash screen when rebooting my phone, is the phone still unlocked?
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    Post Anyone know what's in the Verizon Update pushed on 4/12? OTA XT1096

    THANK YOU!!! After being stuck on vacation for a week with this !#@[email protected]#$ update bugging me to install it every couple of minutes this fix stopped the problem.
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    Post Nexus 5X on Verizon?

    Not taking OTA updates is an interesting thought. That would not have occurred to me. Do the OTA's come from Google or VZW?
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    Post Nexus 5X on Verizon?

    Ok so I have never owned a Nexus device but am seriously thinking about replacing my Moto X 2014 with a 5X. This may be a dumb question but does buying the 5X for use on Verizon result in any of the crappy lockdowns/restrictions/bloatware from Verizon ending up on the phone? I ask because even...
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    Thread "Listen over bluetooth" no longer working

    I've searched through the threads but not found this exact issue. I used to be able to activate the moto voice commands over my bluetooth headset. My phone could be in another room and I could activate it. Lately (not sure exactly when it stopped) it seems to have stopped working. I may get...
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    Post [ROM] CM13 for T31x

    Running the 127 build and it's pretty solid. Does anyone know what version of the xposed installer I need with this rom/device?
  42. J

    Post [ROM] CM13 for T31x

    Just upgraded to the 127 build, seems to have fixed my 5g problem. :D
  43. J

    Post [ROM] CM13 for T31x

    Well that is weird. I had no problems with 5g on cm12.1. I did a complete wipe when I installed, perhaps I'll clear the cache out again and see if it helps.
  44. J

    Post [ROM] CM13 for T31x

    I have the T310 version of the tablet and loaded the 13.0-20160123-unofficial-lt01 wifi version of the rom. I've seen this bug mentioned for cm13 on other devices but I hadn't seen anyone mention it on the T310
  45. J

    Post [ROM] CM13 for T31x

    5g wifi networks missing So I just loaded this rom yesterday (along with the recommended gapps) and while it seems to be running well I've noticed a weird problem. My tablet can no longer "see" any 5g wifi networks. Runs fine on 2.4g networks. Anyone else having this problem?
  46. J

    Post Losing Bluetooth Connection

    While I hope your problem is "fixed" I would not be too hopeful. I have had this problem as long as I've had the phone. Sometimes it goes away for a while but it always returns. Right after I unlocked my bootloader and it did a complete factory reset the problem went away for a week but it...
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    Post [NEWS] Official unlock bootloader for operator models

    I had no problems with mine, check that ridiculously long code you have to get from fastboot, maybe you have a space in there that you don't realize?
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    Post [NEWS] Official unlock bootloader for operator models

    Just my 2 cents here but I unlocked/rooted and installed the xposed framework for the first time...WOW! I was angry that we weren't getting marshmallow on the mx14 but now I don't know if I care. Phone is running perfectly and it seems like there is a module for just about anything I could...
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    Post [NEWS] Official unlock bootloader for operator models

    So now for my dumb question, what root method works on the 1096?
  50. J

    Post [NEWS] Official unlock bootloader for operator models

    My vzw 1096 now appears to be unlocked...and I'm about to reload everything back on to my phone... still excited!