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    Post Question Changing CSC (F926B)

    Current Native Call Recording CSC for Samsung are as follows; Bangladesh (BNG) Call only Thailand (CAM/MYM/THL) Call + SPay Egypt (EGY) Call only Israel (ILO) Call only Laos (LAO) Call only Libya (BTC/LYS) Call only Nepal (NPL) Call only Sri Lanka (SLK) Call only Allergy (TMC/WTL) Call only...
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    Post Question Changing CSC (F926B)

    Not possible, hardware kernal different.
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    Post Question Changing CSC (F926B)

    yes ofcourse.
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    Post Question Changing CSC (F926B)

    Unfortunately you can't flash a boot loader from a different version, so the U1 has to stay a U1, B has to stay a B. Since the U1 is just sold in the US, unless one of the carriers unlocks eSIM or Call Recording, changing the CSC is useless.
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    Post Question Samkey and Chimeratool can't change CSC

    Only way to change CSC currently is via ODIN, and you have to flash a non-Common CSC, ie. if you keep flashing the OMC_OXM your CSC will stay the same.
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    Post Question Changing CSC (F926B)

    Download Odin 3.14.1 Download SM-F926B_XID_F926BXXU1AUG8 from your favourite firmware download site Flash AP/BL/CP/CSC using ODIN, make sure for CSC you load the CSC_OMC_OLE and NOT the HOME_CSC XID version enables call recording and e-SIM on your SM-F926B/DS
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    Post Question Changing CSC (F926B)

    only way to change CSC right now is via ODIN flash; Indonesian Varient seems to have the most features, including eSIM enabled.
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    Post eSIM?

    Can anyone confirm that N985F/DS is infact a dual sim global edition that supports eSIM? which is also very important to me.
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    Post [MOD]HOW TO Enable All APP in floating pen window WITHOUT 3rd app.

    I would really like to use this, can anyone make easy script to run?
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    Post [ROM][XZL][01/05]KA07.1 Xperia ZL Revolution™|Black status & navbar, fast & smooth

    can we get reprogrammable action buttons?
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    Post [ROM][ZL][JB 4.2.2][PA3.60][AOKP-MR1][CM10.1]P.A.C True All in 1 ROM[Nightlies]

    I've got a C6506 and when I flash the kernal and then the rom, I don't get any GSM signal at all. Its like the GSM module doesn't activate, baseband version says unknown, any ideas?
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    Post [BOUNTY:Donate if Pledged-Moonshine/RevOne]S-Off $743/$1853

    i'd donate $10 just for root access, rest is a bonus :)
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    Post [ROM] AOKP :: [4.3.1] jb-mr2 :: Milestone 1 / [4.4.2] kitkat :: Nightlies :: mako

    everytime I encrypt my phone my wifi stops working with this rom, any ideas?
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    Post [ROM] The Base v0.7.3 [12/10][UNLOCKED ONLY]

    .6 is working great on Rogers with LTE enabled.
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    Post [ROM] The Base v0.7.3 [12/10][UNLOCKED ONLY]

    This is very odd because my build prop stayed unchanged, geeb_rgs_ca and E971 remained the same under / model
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    Post [ROM] The Base v0.7.3 [12/10][UNLOCKED ONLY]

    Unforunately I do not have an LTE sim to test out, but I do get 4G ie. HDSPA+.
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    Post [ROM] The Base v0.7.3 [12/10][UNLOCKED ONLY]

    I have installed this rom on the E971 Rogers edition, all seems to work fine.
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    Post [GUIDE] Root, unlock, and install a custom firmware!

    all worked great!
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    Post [NOW PUBLIC] Team Codefire Presents: Project FreeGee for Bell, Rogers and Telus

    thank you very much for your hard effort and work! EDIT: works great on rogers.