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    Thread Light and proximity sensors not working, need help!!

    One day my proximity sensor randomly stopped working, I fixed it once using the incoming calls dialer method but then it stopped again. After that my light sensor stopped working. I thought it was my persist partition that was corrupted but I tried flashing the fastboot from and even tried...
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    Thread Custom rom with fastest screen off fod

    Other than miui, which rom has the fastest screen off fod. I tried android 10 RR but it was slow. Which rom comes closest to stock?
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    Thread Will android 12 come to k20 pro

    Android 12 is a major update with many design changes. I was wondering if it would be released officially or in custom roms since android 11 roms are still not stable
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    Thread What's the most stable miui alternative

    What's the most stable rom with no bugs and all features working just like on miui. I'm looking for something that's good for both performance and battery life coming from masik rom
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    Thread Magisk hide not working

    I'm trying to use magisk hide with the santander bank app but it still detects root. Is there any fix?
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    Thread How stable is android 11 based xiaomi eu rom

    Android 11 has come to k20 pro miui in China and xiaomi eu is one of the few who have made a custom version. Are any of you using it, is it stable enough to daily drive. When will android 11 come to the Indian phones.
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    Thread Changes after last masik release

    Have there been any major changes after the last masik version in miui. I'm still on masik last version and development has stopped. I'm wondering if I need to change to eu rom
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    Thread Any full screen tempered glass without the black border around it?

    I brought a spigen hybrid clear case today and am looking for a tempered glass without the black border around it as the border cuts off a little of the screen. Please recommend one, for delivery in India
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    Thread The most stable miui 12 rom currently?

    I am looking to try miui 12. I'm currently on miui 11 stable. Which miui 12 rom is the smoothest without major bugs and has the most SOT. I'd be choosing between one of these: mmx masik miroom memeui miui global miuipro
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    Thread How to disable the ir auto focus for close up shots

    The ir auto focus becomes visible on closeup shots. Is there any way to turn it off
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    Thread For how long have you been using high refresh rate?

    I've heard people damaged their screens after using the high refresh rate mods. Comment below what refresh rate you have been using and for how long. Is there any noticable improvement going from 60 to 72 and how much does screen on time reduce
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    Thread Can you record hdr10 videos?

    The phone is capable of displaying hdr10 content but I was wondering if it can record as well in that quality.
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    Thread Warning!! Do not restore efs in TWRP!!

    Whatever you do, do not restore efs in TWRP. It will make you bootloop in fastboot and the only option you'll have Will be to flash a fastboot rom.
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    Thread Will I lose widevine l1?

    I am planning to flash masik x11. Up till now I have used Indian stable miui. Will I lose widevine l1 if I change? And do I need to format data or just wipe. Masik is based on Chinese beta.
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    Thread How to convert to F2FS on stock miui?

    Need a guide on how to convert to F2FS. Currently using 11.0.4 Indian stable with candy kernel. How to do it without losing data, I read that you can restore your backup using rm rf instead of formatting in TWRP. Has anyone tried that. Also is there any noticable benefits of using f2fs? One plus...
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    Thread AOSP rom with notification led?

    Why is there no AOSP rom with working notification led. Is there any custom rom with everything working, except miui?
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    Thread Stock recovery

    Can someone share the stock recovery img or zip that I could flash in TWRP . I need it to flash an ota.
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    Thread Can you flash a new vendor on stock miui

    The Indian k20 pro has been stuck on 11.0.3 with the November security update. Can you flash the Chinese vendor on it, for newer kernels to work with it. Fod doesn't work with Immensity X kernel and there are no other good kernels left. Should I update to a xiaomi eu stable or beta rom,are there...
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    Thread Best budget wired headphones

    I'm looking for headphones that make full use of the hi-fi dac and are not expensive. Will be buying from amazon India
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    Thread Best MIUI rom for Raphaelin

    Which is the most optimised miui rom available for raphaelin? I've been on the stock Indian version from the start, is the Xiaomi EU rom any better in terms of battery life and performance? I get a 460k antutu score and around 9-10 hours sot on the stock rom without F2FS on quax kernel.
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    Thread [KERNEL][AOSP,CAF] F1xy v0.11

    Mod Edit: Thread Closed
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    Thread Miui equalizer for Bluetooth headset?

    Any way to get miui equilizer to work with Bluetooth headset?
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    Thread Daily driver rom suggestions.

    I haven't installed any custom roms since I've brought the device. Could someone suggest one that has no bugs and can be used as a daily driver. Performance and battery life should be better or same as stock, else no point in switching.
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    Thread Dual GPS icon changed to normal after update to 11.0.3

    I updated to the latest Indian stable and I'm no longer getting the dual GPS icon. Does that mean it's not using it?
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    Thread Twrp with miui ota support

    Is there any twrp that can flash ota without having to wipe data first. I read that red fox allows it but I don't want to wide data and flash magisk again.
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    Thread How to get live captions on miui 11

    Pixel 4 was released with live captions that automatically captions any video. Is there any way to get it working on miui 11?
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    Thread How to enable zoom in 48mp mode

    Is there any way to enable zoom in 48mp mode in stock camera. Its a waste not to have zoom at that resolution
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    Thread Why ambient mode doesn't turn off automatically

    Shouldn't ambient display turn off when you cover the proximity sensor. It doesn't work that way on miui 11. How do I get it to work that way
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    Thread App to skip tracks with volume buttons

    Is there any app that is free and let's you skip music tracks with the screen off. I'm rooted
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    Thread Bricked Phone, Please Help!!

    I am using the Indian model. I wanted to go back to 103.5 from 11.0.1 so I flashed the 10.3.5 zip but then I got stuck in a recovery loop and all the folders were encrypted. TWRP didn't ask for the pattern. I then flashed fastboot rom with the save user data option but the phone now is stuck...
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    Thread Zoom for 48 mp mode

    For some stupid reason zoom is disabled in 48 mp mode, can someone create a mod to make it work, it works with gcam
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    Thread Could someone port oxygen os for k20 pro?

    The phones are nearly identical will the same soc and camera, could oxygen os be ported for k20 pro, because let's face it, oxygen os is a lot better than miui. I want those fancy animations and buttery performance.
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    Thread [Need Help] Getting createtarfork error 255 in TWRP

    I backed up dtbo partition and then tried to backup other partitions but it's giving me this error and failing. I'm using the trwp that I got from the xda twrp flash guide. Please help.
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    Thread Is anyone in the closed beta for miui 10

    Redmi note 3 will be getting the miui 10 update that has a lot of android p like features. If anyone is in the closed beta, could you share the rom here.
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    Thread Which has better battery life nos or ResurrectionRemix oreo

    I'm going to try one of these roms next and want to know which one is better for battery life and smoothness
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    Thread What's the difference between multirom and miuipro

    I know they both have Russian developers. What I want to know is which one is better optimized and has more useful features. I'm looking for the best miui nougat rom with the least bugs and best battery life
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    Thread can someone port miui equilizer or its settings for pc

    believe it or not music sounds better on my phone as compared to my laptop with b&o speakers. miui equalizer is so good and I want it for my laptop too
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    Thread Can someone give me a flashable stock kernel and recovery

    I need the stock kernel and recovery for redmi note 3 snapdragon. I know I can use boot backup of twrp but I would still like to have them as flashable zips