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    Post System update 47.2.A.11.234, is this genuine?

    Yeah I got a notification. Similar situation, Vodafone xz1 compact, bootloader unlocked but not rooted. I'm no expert but I think random updates like this aren't that big of a deal. Probably just some anti modding thing or something, surely? Either way haven't installed yet but probably will...
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    Post [Kernel][E5823] Stock Kernel + SafetyNet Patch + DRM Fix /Nougat 2.33 & 0.160

    I presume the WiFi issue was never fixed here? Still looking to bypass the safety net on stock android, though the bootloader is unlocked.
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    Thread Re- lock bootloader on stock firmware

    Hi, My phone is running official stock firmware, however the bootloader remains unlocked, as such apps protected by the SafetyNet do not work. I've seen guides saying that you can simply run some code via adb, but I'm guessing this won't work in this case..? Unfortunately I do not have a...