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    Thread Android 12 no 360 degree rotation?

    Just got the A12 update yesterday and noticed that my phone no longer rotates 360 degrees and I can't find any way to re-enable this. Did they take that option out with the new "smart rotation"?
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    Thread Using physical sim and esim on Project Fi

    So this may be more of a Fi question but it also relates to the 4a. Since getting my 4a I've seen a couple of articles talking about setting up the eSim on Fi in addition to the physical sim (also Fi) to improve reception which I find to be a bit worse than the Pixel 4. Has anyone heard of...
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    Thread Anyone thinking of "downgrading" to the 4A?

    So I was hanging on to my OG Pixel waiting for the 4A to come out when the OG suddenly died. Needed a phone asap so I picked up the 4. It's a decent enough phone but I have some nagging complaints, I had to get the 64gb version (I was in a hurry), lack of fingerprint scanner, lack of headphone...
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    Thread Lockscreen clock font size?

    So I recently got a wireless charging stand for my P4 and quickly realized that at night when it's charging the font on the lockscreen clock is too small for me to read without my glasses. I've looked through settings and haven't found a way to fix this, is there any way to increase the font...
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    Thread No notification sounds from messenger

    So just had to upgrade to Pixel 4 two weeks ago when my beloved Pixel 1 decided to die without warning. With everything else going on these days I've been slowly getting the phone set up the way I like it but I finally happened to notice that I am not getting a sound notification for text...
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    Thread Pixel and Android 10 permissions question

    So Android 10 is running great on my OG Pixel so far but I'm puzzled by the fact that I'm now getting random prompts that some random app that I haven't run in a long time has just requested location access. This might actually be more of an "how does android work" than a pixel question but I...
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    Thread compass problems

    So I have noticed that the compass on my Pixel is always inaccurate unless I open Maps first. For example if I open a simple compass app (have tried several) it will always be off by a good bit. If I open Maps, compass directions are correct and if I then go back into a compass app the...
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    Thread Can't stand all the pop up ads when browsing help!

    Ok, hoping I found the right forum, sorry if I didn't. I have a Moto X '14 (rooted, unlocked, running stock 6.0) and I use Dolphin and Chrome as my browsers. I don't think I have a malware problem I think it's just the fact that browsing on my phone is almost unbearable due to the ads that pop...
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    Thread Moto X 2014 getting REALLY slow

    So in the last couple of weeks my MX14 seems to be getting slower and slower. I went in and dumped all my photos, freeing up an additional 3.5 gb but the lag just keeps getting worse. I'm just trying to keep this phone running for a few more months until I upgrade to something new...does...
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    Thread Can't connect to wifi that redirects to a login page

    Since the MM update (stock verizon, no root) my wife's phone cannot connect to wifi networks that have a redirect to a login screen like you see in hotels and unfortunately her work network. At first I suspected an issue with chrome so I had her clear the cache for chrome which works for...
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    Thread "Listen over bluetooth" no longer working

    I've searched through the threads but not found this exact issue. I used to be able to activate the moto voice commands over my bluetooth headset. My phone could be in another room and I could activate it. Lately (not sure exactly when it stopped) it seems to have stopped working. I may get...
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    Thread Anybody come from Moto X '14?

    Has anyone switched from a Moto X 2014 to the N5X? If so what are your impressions? Specs wise the two phones look very similar and I'm considering dumping my locked down, never to be updated VZW MX14 in favor of the N5X.
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    Thread system update available - is this marshmallow?

    My wife just got a notification this morning that she has a system update available on her vzw s5. Does anyone know what this is? Is it marshmallow? Just trying to be cautious, she uses her phone extensively for work and I don't want to tell her to accept an update without knowing what it is.
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    Thread [Q] Speed Test wifi results

    So I've finally gotten so fed up with the lousy wifi performance on my Moto X '14 that I've started looking into fixes. So far I've just found a lot of articles/posts about Lollipop having wifi issues that may or may not be fixed with the upcoming update to 5.1 (I'm on VZW). I've attached a...
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    Thread Google Now Cards on homescreen

    So I just got my MotoX 2014, coming from a MotoX 2013 I'm used to using the Google Now widget on one of my home screens. The new phone has the full google now card list "preinstalled" on one of the screens and I can't find a way to get rid of it. This is purely a cosmetic problem for me, I...
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    Thread [Q] Can't get TWRP loaded on 310

    Need some help. I've been scouring the message boards and threads trying to get TWRP installed on to my T310. I've got odin up and running and have tried multiple times to flash TWRP to the device. Everything says it completed successfully but when I try to boot into recovery I just see the...
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    Thread [Q] Looking to kill certain apps

    I've noticed that a couple of apps (TuneIn in particular) once I've run them show in the list of running apps long after I've stopped using the app. Does anyone have a recommendation for a task killer that I can set up to just kill one or two apps? I know a lot of folks don't like task killers...
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    Thread Trying to get WiFi to stay connected at home

    My D3 keeps disconnecting from WiFi on my home network. If I go into WiFi settings it instantly reconnects but I obviously don't want to have to do this every time I notice it has disconnected. Is there a setting somewhere on the D3 that controls this? I've looked but can't find any way to...
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    Thread [Q] Is it possible that my D3 has a problem that prevents running other roms?

    I'm running SS 3.05 and have been able to flash several roms (all GB because I need a camera) that others rave about. I have not gotten good performance out of any of them. The worst ones seem to cause almost non-stop force closes on apps while the "best" ones function but my phone runs very...
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    Thread [Q] Latitude not working

    So I've rooted my wifes kindle hd, added the google apps (they seem to be working) but Latitude will not work. Every time I click on Latitude it just sits there with a "loading..." message. Any suggestions? This is the one google app she really wants so she can keep track of the kids.
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    Thread [Q] Battery life suddenly terrible!

    Over the last couple of weeks the battery life on my D3 has fallen off the cliff. We're talking down to 50% or worse by lunch and giving me battery warnings by late afternoon. I don't believe I've installed any new software (other than updates to existing apps) and I have two batteries and...