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    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][20180630]Resurrection Remix v6.1 [payton]

    Credits Moto X4 is getting some custom rom love, because erfanoabdi worked in BEAST mode and created the trees for this device, even though he does not own the device. A big thanks too munchy_cool that organized and build the Lineage 15.1, CarbonROM 6.1 and Resurrection Remix v6.1. I will help...
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    Thread Compiling Android versions and kernel to Tattoo

    Anyone knows where can I find informations about to compile CyanogenMod and kernel for Tattoo from source or other packages already configured for Tattoo? I want to help working in camera and FM development. I have a little experience in Linux, beagleboard and arm7 (lpc2368) programming, maybe I...
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    Thread [Q] Tutorial/Guide for porting android to phones

    Anyone has some tutorial/guide/book or know where I can find informations about how to compile android from scratch for a mobile phone activating the functions one by one?