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    Thread Question Dex mode on inner screen

    Hi all, I wondered, the fold is the biggest Samsung phone in terms of screen size. Is there way to force 'dex mode' to the big display? Thank you all :)
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    Thread [Q] i535 at full Arabic language possible?

    Hello Can my I535 run full Arabic support? Thanks for helpers
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    Thread [Video] Best 3D Games on Samsung Galaxy S3

    for Those who Consider to buy. HIgh Performance wxs9pKGjsYw
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    Thread HC 3.2.1 USB Storage Devices problem

    hello, some of users have a big problem, the usb ports and the sd card not recognize any storage device we connect. the sulotion is to shutdown couple of times and redock again, and then only maybe it will back to work, is very annoying, who have a dock, know what i talking about. i really...
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    Thread [Q] dock battery weaker than tab pad battery?opinions

    Hello, Recently i purchase a dock for asus eee pad. About 10 charge and decharge gone with dock and i still feel this dock only get an 4 hours only of work with wifi. And with the battery i get al least 6. Can someone tell about his experience.... and opinion about this issue. .its possible...
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    Thread [Q] change language quickly at keyboard?

    hi, after couple of searches the only way to change language at keyboard is 'Ctrl + Shift', but this combination worked only if i not in english language, otherwise its not and then i need to click on the button on buttom screen to choose another keyboard. if i want to write at 2 language at...
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    Thread [Q] 1080p issue. not supporting? HW decoding?

    hello. why the asus not supporting 1080p Mp4 files ? only software decoding with dice player and not HW decoding! can someone know if asus will change that in future release? thank
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    Thread HTC Diamond JAVA games install Problem, "DRM Rights not passed"

    hello all, after installing any of java games (i found on web or recieved from friends on BT), i trying to excute the application in JBLEND... the massege i get: "You are not allowed to run this MIDlet because of DRM Rights not passed" so how can i solve this? can i install any JAVA games...
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    Thread WIFI stop at standby

    hello all, in every standby the wifi connection stop itself. :confused: it can be changed to working all time?!?!?? tnx for helpers Itzik