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    Thread Question Nova launcher lag

    Hi all I can't live with any android phone without my Nova launcher With oppo find X 3 ,has anyone noted a lag with Nova specially when using the swipe up gesture to go to home screen while any app is open it takes like 1/2 sec ? Any one with Nova launcher can share his experience and the...
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    Thread any hope for Android 11 ?

    Any hope this device may get any sort of Android 11 update
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    Thread MIUI 10

    Any one in Europe got MIUI Android 10 update ?
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    Thread frequent reboot after few min of use

    Hi all I have an annoying issue just started to happen yesterday I have BKL09 Version with latest stock EMUI 9.1 AND patches Suddenly the device is rebooting randomly just after 3 to 5 min of use may reboot now while I'm writing this ! I have tried to uninstall the last 5 apps or so...
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    Thread Best custom ROM ?

    Hello With the Google / US restrictions on Huawei can anyone suggest the best stable custom ROM with no bugs , most likely to get the Q update and I can switch to from EMUI 9 THANKS
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    Thread Android Q update

    Any chance that Honor view 10 will get Android 10 or we shall forget it ?
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    Thread issue with default Email app

    Hi, I use both stock Email app and Gmail with Gmail set as my default Email app, however when I click an email link it still open it with new email in the stock email app not Gmail I'm on stock firmware, Honor v10 EU version Looking for some folks if they can test and see if they got same...
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    Thread google now issue with v10

    Any one facing issues randomly when I swipe from left to get the Google now feeds I got empty white page ..any one facing the same ? When I click the search it then refresh and works fine
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    Thread Andoid Auto ..big problem with Huawei The above FB page is enough to tell that even the most expensive Huawei phones that was just realesed few days ago ..which is the P20 pro can't work with Android Auto ! What a shame ! ..i already...
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    Thread MIUI 8/9 browser

    HI all Can someone help me pls get me the miui 8 or miui 9 stock browser from the global Rom not the china version On apkmirro all versions are from the china Rom Thank you
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    Thread mi 5 stuck at "enter current lock screen password to decrypt device after reboot"

    mi 5 stuck at "enter current lock screen password to decrypt device after reboot" I need everyone help here I was on MIUI 8.2.2 Global stable and wanted to got to MIUI Global stable 8.1.4 to fix the GPS issue and try another ROMs BL unlocked OK , latest TWRP flahsed OK and then tried to flash...
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    Thread Mi 5 GPS ISSUES

    Any one is facing intermittent GPS issues ?? My GPS recently stopped working and I can see some GPS signal via test apps however Waze and and gmaps see no signal I can only say that it was ok couple of weeks so not sure what type of update may have caused this and how to resolve
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    Thread how to prevent certain service from being closed

    Hi all Is there any way to prevent MIUI from closing an app that run as a service ( there is no actual app running when you check recent apps ) so you actually can't lock anything The nHead notifications pubble is a great app but I can't find anyway to keep it running forever other wise MIUI...
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    Thread icon head count on Mi 5

    Is it possible to get the app icon headcount notification without any other status bar , sound , floating notification specially for the built in Email app I receive hundreds of Emails per hour and want only to see the headcount number on the app icon . Same for other social apps WhatsApp ...
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    Thread help with Chrome on Mi 5

    Any one Managed to get Chrome playing vedios in the background on MIUI ? I can get it to work on many other devices but not Xiaomi MIUI Im only able to do that only when I switch to desktop mode I'm on latest global stable 8.2.2 and have switched off both MIUI optimization and memory...
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    Thread Miui 8 email app bug

    I have issue on email app can't login to my exchange company account and always gives wrong user name and password Running global stable ROM
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    Thread Need help to recover my Oppo R7plus f - International version Qualcomm

    My Phone OpoR7 Plusf was bricked while I was flashing the Spectrum rom Now , the Phone cant go to recovery mode , can go to fastboot mode as I can see the fastboot logo with some Chinese letters I have tried the Thread (Oppo r7 plus m (s615) was brick. (QDLoader 9008) (HELP!!)) which is for...