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    Thread How to get back to SM-G955u1 firmware from 955u with Bootloader REV 2

    For all of you out there who happened to get stuck on 955u firmware containing bootloader 2 installed on the 955u1, there is hope! I have successfully gotten back to 955u1 firmware and running stock OREO. (and have service again for those who are on non-mainstream carriers {Verizon, Sprint...
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    Thread S8+ Stuck on boot loop

    I can’t seem to fix my s8+ when I try to Flash anything in Odin I keep getting complete (write) failed. When flashing stock firmware I keep getting (...) Fused 2 > Binary 1 Or it will fail to erase I cannot boot into recovery at all - freezes/won’t even boot there Normal boot or safe boot...
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    Thread My OP3 says wrong passwd on boot, but in twrp same decrypt passwd works... Help!?!

    Ok so i have a OnePlus 3 and it has an apparent glitch, im running a custom ROM, (shouldnt have anything to do with it... I would think) and whenever i try booting my phone it keeps asking for my encryption password, and so I enter in the password, and it keeps saying wrong password... now...
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    Thread When I update my rom, i get locked out then data is wiped

    on my oneplus 3 - I just updated my rom from a previous build to the latest, and when it finishes and boots up it locked me out of my phone saying wrong pattern and then I rebooted back to recovery and deleted theses files: password.key pattern.key locksettings.db-wal locksettings.db-shm...
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    Thread ADB Sideload Cannot Read Issue, Searched Nothing worked

    I am unable to flash anything even official firmware with official recovery, when in adb sideload mode. whenever i try to push a zip to install terminal says: C:\Users\nd4ios\Desktop>adb sideload loading: '' * cannot read '' * the file is named it is in the Desktop folder...
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    Thread TF701 Rom List

    Rom list for the ASUS Transformer Pad TF701t Any ROMS not here? PM me and ill add it, please give me a link with the message ****I will not be held accountable for anything written in these forums, I am just consolidating links to different ROMS, anything you do to your device is your fault not...
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    Thread [Q] i9500 reboot issue

    i have a galaxy s4 that has been water damaged, everything works on it except the dock which i am going to replace(i ordered the part) i have installed on it the Omega rom v17 it is rooted and unlocked here is my issue - the phone will reboot after a few seconds/minutes if the screen turns off...
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    Thread [Q] what's the difference between manta and grouper?

    What is the difference between a n10 grouper and manta
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    Thread [Q] Error Code -24

    I am trying to download minecraft pe for my tf700t and after downloading it starts to install, and then an error -24 pops up Any suggestions/help?
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    Thread Bricked Tablet

    I really Need Help! My computer wont recognize my tablet in fastboot mode, and my tablet wont read my micro SD card, also when i turn it on normally it stays at splash screen and when its plugged in to the computer the computer starts installing the drivers and it fails to install each time...