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  1. geeksmurf

    Post Chrome 69 and mediapad

    I don't have the new UI on my US 10.8 or my phone for that matter. A LG G5. And both have 69 installed.
  2. geeksmurf

    Post Getting bootloader unlock code from Huawei

    Had to use Chrome but worked like a charm. Well it gave me a code. Haven't tested that yet
  3. geeksmurf

    Post Mediapad M5 wifi SHT-W09 pictures

    I'm getting about 80Mb down with BT off and 60Mb with it on connected and streaming stays at about 60Mb
  4. geeksmurf

    Thread 7VC

    Source code for 7VC has now been posted. Likely the typical security update but sure hoping it does something about my battery drain. Anyone else having really bad battery life? on 7VB?
  5. geeksmurf

    Post VoLTE

    Not to mention I think all carriers would just assume forget the G5. Doubtful any new features are ever added. Lucky we still get the occasional security update.
  6. geeksmurf

    Thread ZVB

    Wow looks like we shall be getting a ZVB update here shortly. LG have posted the source code for it.
  7. geeksmurf

    Post Get msl without sprint or root?<solved>

    That method no longer works on Nougat
  8. geeksmurf

    Post LG G5 LS992 Camera app crashes on launch

    Tried the app you mentioned and my picture is just fine. Of course you can't switch to wide angle. You can't in most 3rd part apps. You could try using the LG flash thingy and redo it. But odds are someone sold a defective phone on eBay cause that's how things go.
  9. geeksmurf

    Post LS992ZVA update soon

    Man Sprint just don't care any more I guess. They still haven't updated their weak attempt at a change log.
  10. geeksmurf

    Post LS992ZVA update soon

    What do you know, a security update from the current month.
  11. geeksmurf

    Post Wi-Fi Calling issues

    It's been working as accepted. No complaints here.
  12. geeksmurf

    Post LG g5 root on Android 7.0

    You can still have no ads, Adguard works amazingly well even blocks ads in apps.
  13. geeksmurf

    Post ZV9 Should Be Soon

    Release notes, hahahahah that's funny. They don't believe those should be public. lol Sprint just says Android Security Patches
  14. geeksmurf

    Post ZV9 Should Be Soon

    I don't think I have gottin the Amazon crash with the newest update but I well could have I have just came to except it. :/ Before the newest update it seemed to happen most for me right after plugging in the charger. And also I have all the Amazon crap disabled so it's rather odd.
  15. geeksmurf

    Post [GUIDE] Full ADB Root, System RW, and DM-VERITY Off for Sprint LG G5! [ZV4]

    That's kinda interesting. Surely it couldn't be that simple, but sometimes....
  16. geeksmurf

    Post Nougat issues.

    WiFi Calling is now working when using Adguard when using build 2.8.71
  17. geeksmurf

    Post Nougat issues.

    Welp it would seem WiFi calling is borked when using any VPN service. Yay for
  18. geeksmurf

    Post Nougat issues.

    It likely will not, or doesn't for me. I'd go without it for a while and make sure WiFi calling is fine. (make a few calls and such) then later fill a report from within the app feedback. They will likely get back to you asking to change the logging level to everything and reproduce the problem...
  19. geeksmurf

    Post Nougat issues.

    Are you guys with WiFi calling issues using any ad blocking software. As that seems to be likely what is causing my issues with WiFi calling. Adguard disabled it will work all day just fine.
  20. geeksmurf

    Post Nougat 7.0 is available!

    System updates > Update LG software
  21. geeksmurf

    Post Nougat 7.0 is available!

    It's kinda odd the source hasn't been posted nor has Sprint update their updates page. I still installed it. Not sure what I think yet.....I know I hate the menu from holding the recent app button is gone. And I hate they are now using the google emojis. Liked the LG ones much better. Themes...
  22. geeksmurf

    Post What do you miss most about having root?

    You can do that without root. Check out Adgaurd and or Adclear. I use Adgaurd paid myself.
  23. geeksmurf

    Post Zv6 should be dropping soon.

    Sprint hasn't updated their updates page as of this post. I got the update but have yet to install, this is what it had to say. Edit, went ahead and updated, Android patch level is at 2016-09-01 UGH slow ass LG and Sprint
  24. geeksmurf

    Post Sim Card model

    Ah right...Mine doesn't list the part number. Does say 63.10a idk if that's helpful or not.
  25. geeksmurf

    Post Sim Card model

  26. geeksmurf

    Post [RESTORE][TOT] Sprint LG G5 (LS992) ZV5 TOT

    Sadly nope, ZV5 blocked downgrading.
  27. geeksmurf

    Post Dual SIM support on LG G5

    The Dual Sim version of the G5 is the H868 [Dual Sim]: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8 LTE: B1/3/7/38/39/40/41 LS992 [Sprint]: CDMA: BC0, BC1, BC10 GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA: B2/B4/B5 LTE: B2/4/5/7/12/25/26/41
  28. geeksmurf

    Post I need my MSL code can't call spring

    Here is a guide from the old LG G2 days however it still works just fine for getting your MSL. You need the Basic Flasher method the dial code won't work. Use the current LG drivers. Check here. It's pretty simple to figure out.
  29. geeksmurf

    Post Coming soon ZV5 update

    YIKES!! Guessing you hit wipe date/factory reset (5th option) instead of Wipre cache partition (6th option) Hell I might go to the store even before it gets in the mail.
  30. geeksmurf

    Post Coming soon ZV5 update

    Looking around at the other models and their latest update some user are reporting the same fast charge issue. You might start checking those threads out. I did see one user said just booting to recovery fixed his problem. No clue what he did in recovery or if it was twrp or stock but hell might...
  31. geeksmurf

    Post Coming soon ZV5 update

    Fast charge shows for me. And seems to be working just fine. I am useing the LG charger along with a VCE 6.6ft cable
  32. geeksmurf

    Post [Request] ZV5 .tot

    So anti rollback has been enabled in ZV5? That would be new :/
  33. geeksmurf

    Post Coming soon ZV5 update

    System Settings > Wireless Networks > More > Mobile networks > Roaming causes a crash on zv5
  34. geeksmurf

    Post Coming soon ZV5 update

    ZV5 Updates per Sprint. Android Security Patches Wi-Fi Calling Improvements Bug Fixes Guessing June security update (july just rolled out however) But I have yet to get the update myself.
  35. geeksmurf

    Thread Coming soon ZV5 update

    They haven't abandoned us yet. Source code for the next update ZV5 has been posted to LG's site. No word on what it is but likely just the June or July security update. Maybe a few fixes. Likely start being pushed out Monday or Friday by Sprint if past updates are any indication. You won't all...
  36. geeksmurf

    Post Emergency alerts and video camera

    Not really, it's been awhile since I got one but if I recall just viewing it made it stop. Have you tried clearing the data/cache of the emergency alert app? or maybe a full system cache cleanup. Stock android recovery can do that. But really no clue if that would help or not.
  37. geeksmurf

    Post Emergency alerts and video camera

    In that screen shot your camera is in manual mode and that's why you don't have the video option. Switch to auto and you will have the video option. (three dots in the upper right)
  38. geeksmurf

    Post Bootloader Unlock/Root - What I've Got So Far <Updated 5/22>

    You shouldn't be bothered as you should never buy a new phone with the expectation of root and user development. If you want that buy a Nexus or buy a phone after it's been out and has proven development. The "community" has gotten to where they treat xda as a google play and they want it now...
  39. geeksmurf

    Post Bootloader Unlock/Root - What I've Got So Far <Updated 5/22>

    Yep I miss the old "harder" days. None of this one click keep it simple stupid stuff.
  40. geeksmurf

    Post status update on root for our device

    Man oh man I'm not sure whether to be laughing or crying about all this... ugh
  41. geeksmurf

    Post Cellular signal issues

    uacolon Your LTE Roaming is that on by default or have to turned it on? Mine has been off by default and I keep turning it back on myself. But yet to be in an area to test it.
  42. geeksmurf

    Post Need my MSL

    Here is a guide from the old LG G2 days however I am fairly certain this was what I used when I got mine. You need the Basic Flasher method the dial code won't work. Oh and use the current LG drivers instead. Check here. It's pretty simple to figure out. And by unlocked I am guessing you mean...
  43. geeksmurf

    Post Bootloader Unlock/Root - What I've Got So Far <Updated 5/22>

    You'd end up having to buy a new phone and evaluating whether unlocked and root was that important then buying a Nexus 6P
  44. geeksmurf

    Post Hidden menu code?

    Not much in it but 5689#*992#
  45. geeksmurf

    Post G5 and Google Voice

    It's been a long while since I used GV integration. Does now allow emoji in txt using stock txt app? I know it would strip them long ago.
  46. geeksmurf

    Post Security Level 02-01-16

    We never had a March level. Just Feb and now April. Anyway have the ZV3 TOT right, are downgrades not working from ZV4?
  47. geeksmurf

    Post Security Level 02-01-16

    We could only be as lucky, LG and Sprint don't have the best track record.... My G3 still sets on October or maybe it's November.
  48. geeksmurf

    Post ZV4

    Not that I can tell right off the bat. Not really had much time to say. I did make a WiFi call and it seemed better, but that could just be a connection thing.