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    Post Question S pen pro? or fold s pen?

    Is the hover distance of S-pen is higher on the Pro edition?
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    Post Question Dex mode on inner screen

    Hope u are right, Looking forward for it.
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    Post Question Dex mode on inner screen

    i couln't agree more. :)
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    Post Question Dex mode on inner screen

    I can't understand why limit device if it can work as dex station. Thanks for your reply.
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    Thread Question Dex mode on inner screen

    Hi all, I wondered, the fold is the biggest Samsung phone in terms of screen size. Is there way to force 'dex mode' to the big display? Thank you all :)
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    Post [ROM][D80210b - JDQ39B][19-10-13] Models - D802 & D803 - PowerUser Edition V1.2

    Hi, there is any new on NAV hide Feature? thank you
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    Post [ROM][D80210b - JDQ39B][19-10-13] Models - D802 & D803 - PowerUser Edition V1.2

    hello, first. thank you for efforts second, can you please include the option to hide navbar in certain apps(the feature exist at Korean ver) ? I think it will be usefull thank you
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    Post [XPOSED][Apr 14] G2 Xposed - Complete Nav Bar Customization - Transparent bar - More!

    the only thing I miss here is the option have only at koreian ver. to HIDE the NAVBAR with certain APPS, is usefull
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    Post Video lag in new YouTube app

    +1 have same Problem
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    Post D802 Wi-Fi help

    Hi Im from israel too. Somethink at wifi not stable. Cant access internet after one min of use wifi. Its problem with rom or device? I tried many time to change configuration of router. I just cqn use one min and then internet not accessible, If i disconntect and theb connect the wifi its...
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    Post [KERNEL|12|05|13][teaMSeven|V.4[2GHz|VC|BLINKBUTTONS|H2W|LINARO-o3|FULL-OTG]

    i install the stable version on htc dev edition Thr htc logo was ok, but i can understand why htc didnt put this as button, this logo is not at the same line of 2.other buttons And if i want to use it i need to remember to touch the top side of the htc logo very close to the screen Very...
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    Thread [Q] i535 at full Arabic language possible?

    Hello Can my I535 run full Arabic support? Thanks for helpers
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    Thread [Video] Best 3D Games on Samsung Galaxy S3

    for Those who Consider to buy. HIgh Performance wxs9pKGjsYw
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    Post [ROM][UBUGNL1][17Jan] Omega v61◄●4.3●►Fully Modded◄●●►Omega Files|Themes◄●

    Benchmark Score is LOW Someone Can Explain Why the Quadrant score with JB ROMS is only 4800 copare to 5700 with the ICS ROMS? thanks Itzik
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    Post [Q] Video format for Asus eee pad transformer

    Dice player.... do better job. In addition, i overclock to 1.4, then to mkv fikes 720p play smoothly...but you have to root your tf or install custom rom plus custom kernel
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    Post [Q] USB only recognised after reboot - help?

    its already known problem Its began after 3.2.1 HC patch, if you can install 3.2 HC rom, it will work again, otherwise its required full restart.... or couple of restarts......asus is aware to that problem....
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    Post [Q] 3.2.1 wifi stalled with HDMI connected

    Problem with hdmi and wifi hello, i have same isuue when hdmi connected.... wifi go away, not all the time, but its happen specially when whatch youtube movies .....
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    Post [Q] USB drives and mice not working after 3.2.1 patch

    we have to take this problem to asus someone send the problem to asus?
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    Post Adonit jot - the best capacitive stylus in existent

    I happy to hear after you try that. If you upload some closer photo it will be nice. It will be helpful for other users. Tnx
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    Post Adonit jot - the best capacitive stylus in existent

    I meant to pull out the disc rom stylus... Thank you for heelping
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    Post Adonit jot - the best capacitive stylus in existent

    I dont know how to do that...... but i will try This is ok?
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    Post Adonit jot - the best capacitive stylus in existent

    Hello Thank you for help, can you please give me link for that item so i will order? Thank you again
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    Post Adonit jot - the best capacitive stylus in existent

    stylus.......need to pressure to get work Hello. I got this stylus adonit pro yesterday. I very disappointed. I see that only when i pressure on the stylus it work properly.... I dont have any screenprotector.... yet... maybe thats the reason? I compared this to work with iphone....and there...
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    Thread HC 3.2.1 USB Storage Devices problem

    hello, some of users have a big problem, the usb ports and the sd card not recognize any storage device we connect. the sulotion is to shutdown couple of times and redock again, and then only maybe it will back to work, is very annoying, who have a dock, know what i talking about. i really...
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    Post Viber : Free Calls & MESSAGES

    I have alot of bugs. Force to close...all the time
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    Post Hot to view MTS files (1080/50p) on TF??

    already talk with the developer about iisue of MTS h.264 720p files. these files will not work on dice player. he said it take some time to enable that...
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    Post [Q] dock battery weaker than tab pad battery?opinions

    Thats from your experience? Brightness, wifi?, browser? OC? Tell more about your use
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    Thread [Q] dock battery weaker than tab pad battery?opinions

    Hello, Recently i purchase a dock for asus eee pad. About 10 charge and decharge gone with dock and i still feel this dock only get an 4 hours only of work with wifi. And with the battery i get al least 6. Can someone tell about his experience.... and opinion about this issue. .its possible...
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    Thread [Q] change language quickly at keyboard?

    hi, after couple of searches the only way to change language at keyboard is 'Ctrl + Shift', but this combination worked only if i not in english language, otherwise its not and then i need to click on the button on buttom screen to choose another keyboard. if i want to write at 2 language at...
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    Post [Q] DVB-T on TF101

    +1 want to use DVB-T usb with tf101 device. someone know somehting about drivers? thank you
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    Post [Q] 1080p issue. not supporting? HW decoding?

    if anyone else want to help except the big fat frog is thinking he is the best hehehe. it will be lovely, i read that 3.1 honeycomb can play 1080p MP4 from youtube with hw without any problem
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    Post [Q] 1080p issue. not supporting? HW decoding?

    and moreover.... its not your job to say where is it belong or if i follow the rules. if you dont want to help, dont say anything, such an i$%$%
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    Post [Q] 1080p issue. not supporting? HW decoding?

    if this ask now again it just i didnt find the right answer. so u can link me to one fo "dozen times" u mention
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    Post [Q] 1080p issue. not supporting? HW decoding?

    for example if i will download 1080p mp4 files from youtube it will never work.... not with hw decoding..
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    Post [ROM] Revolver by Gnufabio | 3.11.1 - HC3B1 | Jan 20 | FW | RevolverParts

    Gnufabio, revolver with EXT4 partition Gnufabio, i wonder why to not use ext4 partitions if they more faster? maybe im wrong, and it already now is best we can? thank you for help and excellent rom.
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    Thread [Q] 1080p issue. not supporting? HW decoding?

    hello. why the asus not supporting 1080p Mp4 files ? only software decoding with dice player and not HW decoding! can someone know if asus will change that in future release? thank
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    Thread HTC Diamond JAVA games install Problem, "DRM Rights not passed"

    hello all, after installing any of java games (i found on web or recieved from friends on BT), i trying to excute the application in JBLEND... the massege i get: "You are not allowed to run this MIDlet because of DRM Rights not passed" so how can i solve this? can i install any JAVA games...
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    Post [REQ] Is it not time for a ROM that supports HEBREW

    the Problem of any Eyron Or PDAC is that after the install the device slow him self!! so if was ROM in herbew it can solve this issue. i understand that noone want to make some efforts in HEBREW ROM....
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    Thread WIFI stop at standby

    hello all, in every standby the wifi connection stop itself. :confused: it can be changed to working all time?!?!?? tnx for helpers Itzik