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    Post [Rom] Ubuntu touch [halium 9] with waydroid [10] support

    An answer step by step below this thread describe what I want But now we have ubuntu in ur phone, some how make it act like a server ubuntu we buy from Digital...
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    Post [Rom] Ubuntu touch [halium 9] with waydroid [10] support

    Thanks for your work. This project look interesting. I'm new with ubuntu so my question is can I turn this ubuntu phone into a vps server?
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    Post [ROM] Corvus OS vA10 [OFFICIAL][STABLE][29-12-2020]

    Report Issue Sorry, can I report issue here? The link for report bugs in the OP is not working ( telegram ID is not found ). I tried report in telegram Corvus Whyred group but so many message in there.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] EVOLUTION-X 4.7 [WHYRED][AOSP][26-09-2020]

    I'm just check, using OrangeFox and Evolution 4.6, file transfer is fine
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    Post [KERNEL] 23-09-2020 AGNi 🔥 MiUi/AOSP - Oreo/Pie/Q EAS v9.9.1

    You guys can join telegram gruop and get beta version, it will be fine
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    Post What ROM do you use in 2020 ?

    i faced so many guys using corvus, it's good for gaming, battery is fine
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    Post Redmi note 5 usb problem

    Find option file transfer when connect, i guess