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  1. oneandroidnut

    Thread My favorite wallet case

    Thought I would share my favorite wallet case with you guys. This is not a sponsored or free case I received, I try to buy their cases whenever I get a new device because I love them that much! I had it out this weekend and thought I would show it off! I use it on the weekends or when I'm not at...
  2. oneandroidnut

    Thread Not sure if I can do this update? Star wars software question

    So first off I am running an unlocked note 10 plus with an old star wars edition software Android 9. See screenshot for exact version. I have switched to note 20 ultra and note 10 prompted me for this new version but my question is will it take the update? Or will it brick it?? Should I try...
  3. oneandroidnut

    Thread Why I already sent my Note 20 Ultra back!

    Well I am honestly shocked by this. I sort of expected the S20 Ultra not to meet my standards but not the Note 20 Ultra! Decided to stick with my Note 10+ for a bit until maybe Z Fold 2 or Note 20 Ultra drops in price or for another who knows how long. Anyways thought I would share with you...
  4. oneandroidnut

    Thread Why I already sent my Note 20 Ultra back!

    Well I am honestly shocked by this. I sort of expected the S20 Ultra not to meet my standards but not the Note 20 Ultra! Decided to stick with my Note 10+ for a bit until maybe Z Fold 2 or Note 20 Ultra drops in price or for another who knows how long. Anyways thought I would share with you...
  5. oneandroidnut

    Thread Mod Delete please

    wrong place delete
  6. oneandroidnut

    Thread Verizon?

    What is the possibility of this thing on Verizon???
  7. oneandroidnut

    Thread Why I am returning my S20 Ultra within 24 hours of receiving!

    Let me preface this by saying I am picky about my phones and this is one of the worst I have seen in years! If you have an old phone I can understand some of the upgrade but here are my thoughts coming well staying with a Note 10+. Never bought and returned a phone this quick. Returning before...
  8. oneandroidnut

    Thread Downgrade back to Android Pie from Offical Android 10 OTA Possible?

    Is it possible to odin back to android pie from the offical OTA of android 10 from today? Unlocked note 10 plus 975u1 on verizon. Anybody know if bootloader is the same version and flashing the odin files will cause and issue?
  9. oneandroidnut

    Thread Anyway to move the left clock back to the right spot where it belongs???

    I get having the left clock for notch applications and the hole punch but with the full screen (no notch or punch hole) I would really like my right clock back. Even on my S10+ I can move back to the right side! Is this possible on the OnePlus 7 Pro?
  10. oneandroidnut

    Thread Pixel camera mod works!!! ***SNAPDRAGON***

    I am proud to know that the s10/s10+ can easily get even better photos with the pixel camera! Already got one working in store and made a huge difference, especially in white balance and lighting! Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  11. oneandroidnut

    Thread Note 9 N9600 on verizon without root possible?

    Hello everyone, wondering if I purchase this n9600 will it work on verizon?? Looks like there is a hk, latin american and international n9600. If i purchase this one will i be able to have cdma on verizon? Not too concerned with samsung pay working but I also don't want to root, I have pixel 3...
  12. oneandroidnut

    Thread White Note 9 9600??

    Does a white note 9 9600 (snapdragon 845 version that works on verizon) exist? I kinda want a special color lol
  13. oneandroidnut

    Thread Anyway to override slow wireless charging?

    Is there a way to override slow wireless charging and get the rapid speeds like with the pixel stand?
  14. oneandroidnut

    Thread Anyway to get right clock or nav bar buttons?

    Anyway to get right clock like in Oreo back?? And also anyway to get nav bar buttons back and not use gestures? I can root if I have to or anyway is fine! Let me know thanks Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  15. oneandroidnut

    Thread ***horrible bad burn in note 9***

    Don't know how many note 9 with burn there are but here is mine! Looks terrible! Noticed it for the first time last night when it got pretty dark outside and it is super annoying! I assume Samsung will replace with new one? But I have a whitestone and skinomi on it, I am sure they wont cover...
  16. oneandroidnut

    Thread Any luck on Verizon?

    Just as title states any luck on Verizon yet? Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  17. oneandroidnut

    Thread Anybody else Samsung messages change font size after update?

    Anybody else have their samsung messages update and change their font size to huge? I cannot find a way to change back and it is awful! Not in the standard settings and can't find a way inside app. Guess it is back to google messages for now!
  18. oneandroidnut

    Thread Move clock back to right side?

    Is it possible to move the clock back to the right side like on oreo and previous versions of android?
  19. oneandroidnut

    Thread Preorder thread htc u12+

    Thought I would start a thread for who has preordered so we can keep track of when they ship/delivered etc etc I ordered one this morning says June shipment
  20. oneandroidnut

    Thread Work on verizon?

    Anybody have a list of bands yet? Wondering if all or most of verizon bands are on device! Any info will be appreciated!
  21. oneandroidnut

    Thread Another widespread screen issue? Not responding in bar across middle

    Alright guys so I've been using pixel for about a month after getting one with little to no blue tint and tonight I noticed screen not responding in middle of screen. I'd choose a Facebook message and it wouldn't pick the conversation I tapped on. So I go to display tester and perfect line...
  22. oneandroidnut

    Thread Note 8 moment case?

    Alright everybody does anybody know how the moment case and lenses are going to work with a dual camera set up?? Curious if it will only work on one camera? Pre-Order Link just came out today for it
  23. oneandroidnut

    Thread App running in background removal????

    Been trying to get the persistent app notification for apps running in background to go away and tried this tutorial and still wont work! Any ideas? Completely stock unrooted, play store, pixel xl on verizon...
  24. oneandroidnut

    Thread HTC U11 Case thread

    Figured I would start a case thread as I keep looking online every night. Nothing looking promising yet. If you find something drop it below!
  25. oneandroidnut

    Thread Returning the S8+ & back to Pixel XL, Pros and cons if anybody is interested

    Well I'm returning s8 plus. It just can't beat out pixel overall. Pros and cons of s8 plus for anybody interested. Pros Screen- is bright and very big Battery- best battery I've ever used to date Sdcard- also best phone with sd slot I've used to date, loads 10,000 plus photos in seconds...
  26. oneandroidnut

    Thread Move night clock up and down edge??

    Is it possible to move night clock up and down edge??? It always seems to be towards top of screen and I'd like towards bottom. Any help would be appreciated thanks Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  27. oneandroidnut

    Thread Can you remap bixby? Because I can!!!!

    Anybody else still able to remap bixby? I had no issues whatsoever with the remap! Video below ignore the poor quality I wasn't expecting it to work lol Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  28. oneandroidnut

    Thread Enhanced Axon 7 Unlockable?

    Hey guys I had a regular axon 7 and now rocking pixel xl but thought about getting an enhanced axon 7 but will I be able to unlock and root or is it's software completely different? Let me know thanks hopefully somebody has a 6 gb in here already Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  29. oneandroidnut

    Thread Viper issues after TWRP

    Alright guys I'm on pure nexus 1/03 & after I updated to twrp & updated vendor image viper doesn't work anymore. It worked flawlessly before I did those two things and I cannot get viper drivers to stick or install the viper4 marshmallow zip to flash successfully at all in twrp now. Is...
  30. oneandroidnut

    Thread Wtb note 4 battery oem Samsung case

    Looking to buy a new Samsung battery case. Yes I'm ocd I dropped mine this morning! :( at least it wasn't the phone!
  31. oneandroidnut

    Thread What are your favorite kernels on 4.4.4!?!?

    Yes I am still on kitkat but anybody have any good/favorite kernels they like? I am on definitive and looking for some different kernels! Let me know what you guys are using and settings and link! Thanks! :D
  32. oneandroidnut

    Thread OEM Samsung Wireless Charger Pack for Note 5 where to buy

    Alright so I saw this while browsing Samsung's Note 5 accessories page. Anybody know how much mAh it is or price or where to buy? Really any info on it??
  33. oneandroidnut

    Thread Nexus pricing?

    Anybody have any news on pricing? Maybe $449/499/549 for 32/64/128 gb idk just taking a guess at it maybe more but I thought Google might take a shot at moto x pure pricing
  34. oneandroidnut

    Thread How do I find my Moto Credit Account Number?

    Ok guys trying to finish my order and I cannot place without my Moto Credit Number! Where can I find it? My moto credit page only shows my last 4 digits and not the whole number. Please tell me I don't have to wait until i receive it in mail in like 50 weeks!
  35. oneandroidnut

    Thread How can you take raw (DNG) photos??

    So I may have missed this but how do you turn in raw capture? I saw the option there but it is greyed out and cannot be turned on. What am I missing?
  36. oneandroidnut

    Thread Note 5 going to come with 128 GB after all......

    Snooping around on Samsung registering page and noticed they still have a 128 GB option for the Note 5 and S6+. Any chance we will see a later release of a 128 gb edition? Screenshot below
  37. oneandroidnut

    Thread REVIEW of Artech 21 Italian Leather

    I was recently fortunate enough to be chosen to review a new case for the LG G4. I have been using a versus wallet case for my note 4 off and on (depending on work etc etc) so I was excited to try another wallet case! First impressions of the case- I received very quickly from Amazon and good...
  38. oneandroidnut

    Thread [Q] How to get Lenovo Camera (Lenovo SNAPit and SEEit)

    Does anybody know how to get Lenovo SNAPit and SEEit camera and gallery working like on rayglobes rom. it is awesome and i would like to try it on all the other roms i am trying, there is so many haha. If anybody has any suggestions on how to do i would love to hear them. i have successfully...
  39. oneandroidnut

    Thread Viper audio with soundcloud?

    Anybody get viper audio working with soundcloud??? I have latest viper audio works to perfection with play music but can't get to work with soundcloud. Any recommendations would be great!
  40. oneandroidnut

    Thread Verizon Note Edge Developer Edition Coming Soon

    The note edge just dropped one verizon i know and i have already went in and played with a live demo. Phone isnt bad but isnt spectacular over my note 4. My question is now with the developer edition edge can the developers take advantage of root/recovery to really make the panel come to life...
  41. oneandroidnut

    Thread Samsung OEM Adaptive Wall Charger available for purchase?

    Anybody find an OEM Samsung Adaptive Wall Charger? I want another charger so I don't have to worry about keeping my factory one perfect! Anybody buy this one...
  42. oneandroidnut

    Thread [Q] PACMAN ROM Ever coming?

    hi there guys i love my nexus 6 so far but will pacman rom ever come? that is my favorite aosp rom ever! love the features of it and none of the roms out right now really have that many features
  43. oneandroidnut

    Thread [guide] developer edition note 4 wikipedia/how to/everything to know

    Here is my Note 4 Guide. I did one for the note 3 so figured i will throw one up for note 4 so it might look familiar to it! Sorry this one is a little late but here it is! I TAKE NO CREDIT I AM NO DEVELOPER! THIS IS MERELY A GUIDE!! UNDERSTAND ROOT/RECOVERY WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY Part 1...
  44. oneandroidnut

    Thread [Q] Battery Usage Icon on homescreen?

    Anybody know how to get the battery status icon on homescreen? i did this on note 3 and g3 but cant find to save my life. usually its a settings widget and select battery
  45. oneandroidnut

    Thread [q] bootloader screen???

    somebody please boot the note 4 verizon edition into bootloader screen and post photo please! :p
  46. oneandroidnut

    Thread Note 4 Developer Edition Anybody getting?

    Don't know if this is the right section or not but mods feel free to move to Q&A or general or wherever. But anyways any devs plan on getting the note 4 developer edition? i found in their register system its coming soon. Trying to figure out my plans for my note 4 arriving tomorrow! thanks...
  47. oneandroidnut

    Thread Note 4 Developer Edition for Verizon

    Alright guys anybody know if they are going to have a note 4 developer edition for verizon? I know it is earlier as i leaked the note 3 developer edition last year to Droid-life seen here...
  48. oneandroidnut

    Thread [Q] Anybody try viper audio yet?

    Rooted and xposed so far but anybody try viper audio yet??
  49. oneandroidnut

    Thread Carrier Sections?

    Time for carrier breakdowns now for unlocked, T-Mobile, at&t and Verizon now since the phone is out or will be out in a couple days. Thought it would be a good idea to get down to the carrier for more precise info etc etc
  50. oneandroidnut

    Thread HTC ONE M8 Speaker issues

    anybody else having speaker issues? my top speaker is crackling/fuzzy on certain youtube videos/play music/in call on speaker phone. taking back to Verizon tonight when I get off. anybody else having issues?