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    Thread miflash_unlock-en-2.3.803.10 not working any more!

    Hello Mi lovers! I get permission to unlock my bootloader mi max device and unlocked a few month ago but i cant unlock bootloader now!!! after 100 percent in miflash unlock appear error! try again 72 hours later!!! i test it after 3 days but showed me again above error! Why? U have my problem...
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    Thread Use #### dual sim + micro sd #### at the same time (with glue)!

    Hey Mi Lover and other engineers! You must deal with this problem have The solution is simple Without using special equipment Only the amount of glue! You must do the following steps in order to get the correct result 1- Pull out the metal part of the SIM card with razor blade 2- Stick SIM...
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    Thread What Is Difference Between Helium Edition With Hydrogen Edition?

    Hey Mi Lovers I bought Mi Max with 16GB Internal Memory with 2GB Ram, Is it Helium or Hydrogen Edition?!??!? and suggest a TWRP for that. Send Link Page(s) Best Regards :fingers-crossed: