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    Post [Kernel][11.0]Maou Kenel for Raphael[miui12.5]

    what is this based on?? Is it better than marisa r17?
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    Thread Light and proximity sensors not working, need help!!

    One day my proximity sensor randomly stopped working, I fixed it once using the incoming calls dialer method but then it stopped again. After that my light sensor stopped working. I thought it was my persist partition that was corrupted but I tried flashing the fastboot from and even tried...
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    Thread Custom rom with fastest screen off fod

    Other than miui, which rom has the fastest screen off fod. I tried android 10 RR but it was slow. Which rom comes closest to stock?
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    Thread Will android 12 come to k20 pro

    Android 12 is a major update with many design changes. I was wondering if it would be released officially or in custom roms since android 11 roms are still not stable
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    Post What's the most stable miui alternative

    How's the battery life and bugs.
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    Thread What's the most stable miui alternative

    What's the most stable rom with no bugs and all features working just like on miui. I'm looking for something that's good for both performance and battery life coming from masik rom
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    Thread Magisk hide not working

    I'm trying to use magisk hide with the santander bank app but it still detects root. Is there any fix?
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    Post How stable is android 11 based xiaomi eu rom

    Aosp is full of bugs and lacks many features, no thanks
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    Thread How stable is android 11 based xiaomi eu rom

    Android 11 has come to k20 pro miui in China and xiaomi eu is one of the few who have made a custom version. Are any of you using it, is it stable enough to daily drive. When will android 11 come to the Indian phones.
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    Thread Changes after last masik release

    Have there been any major changes after the last masik version in miui. I'm still on masik last version and development has stopped. I'm wondering if I need to change to eu rom
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF][OSS] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [16-07-2021]

    What apps I use is upto me, no dev has the right to restrict apps.
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF][OSS] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [16-07-2021]

    He's stopped developing and blocked genshin impact on new versions. Wloot is a greedy dev
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF][OSS] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [16-07-2021]

    Are there any bugs on the latest version for miui? It's been many months since I last used this kernel, last time I used it there were many bugs and battery life wasn't that great. Wondering if that's changed
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Why have you blocked genshin impact on newer kernel versions? Another cash grab?
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    Post MortalOS - RC14 [21/08/2020]

    He clearly said its discontinued in telegram
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    Post MortalOS - RC14 [21/08/2020]

    Rom is dead now, please update thread
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    Post [10.0][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v8.x [raphael][19/12/2020]

    How fast is the fingerprint reader compared to miui. Does screen off fod work and are there any missing features or bugs compared to miui 12
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF][OSS] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [16-07-2021]

    UTSAVthe**** don't tag this as miui until all bugs are ironed out
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    Post My k20 pro is not flashing miui fastboot rom miflash tool after installing custom rom

    Redownload the file maybe it's corrupted, make sure you uncheck lock and reset option
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    Post Any full screen tempered glass without the black border around it?

    I don't think a thin plastic protector should be worth 500 bucks
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    Thread Any full screen tempered glass without the black border around it?

    I brought a spigen hybrid clear case today and am looking for a tempered glass without the black border around it as the border cuts off a little of the screen. Please recommend one, for delivery in India
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Till when is this going to stay dead
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    Post [ROM] [Download] MIUI Global Indian Stable for Redmi K20 Pro QFKINXM

    What's the changelog. Does poco launcher have the miui 12 gestures now?
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    Post [Firmware] Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro / Premium [raphael] [Auto updated daily!]

    When will raphaelin get fastboot miui 12 and why was the miui 12 recovery rom removed from the site
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    Post MIUI 12 Update in India

    Yes, it's android not Ios. You can change launchers
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    Post MIUI 12 Update in India

    LOL, IOS gestures. That's because it doesn't have stock launcher but poco launcher which doesn't support it yet
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    Post [ROM] [Download] MIUI Global Indian Stable for Redmi K20 Pro QFKINXM

    Who says you can't roll back? K20 pro doesn't have rollback protection
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 12

    How much sot you guys getting. How does eu compare to mortal os, revolution os and masik. Currently I'm on masik 13.1
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    Post Best budget wired headphones

    Below 2k rupees. Might pay more if its worth it.
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    Post Bootanimation-mod magisk

    No screenshot or gif? Why would we install without seeing
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    Post MIUI.EU have some suspicious activities on my k20 pro

    Smae issue with masik, it even shows 3mb data used. Can anyone dig into these roms and see if spyware is installed
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    Post The most stable miui 12 rom currently?

    Join the mi9t/k20-pro global group on telegram
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    Post The most stable miui 12 rom currently?

    I see no one has voted for masik and mmx. You guys don't use telegram?
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    Post The most stable miui 12 rom currently?

    Because you have to format data
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    Thread The most stable miui 12 rom currently?

    I am looking to try miui 12. I'm currently on miui 11 stable. Which miui 12 rom is the smoothest without major bugs and has the most SOT. I'd be choosing between one of these: mmx masik miroom memeui miui global miuipro
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    Post Adblock apps?

    Try energized magisk module
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    Post Best material case for keeping device cool

    Anyone from India? Recommend one being sold in India
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    Post [MOD] - All Magisk modules for K20Pro / Mi9T Pro in one place (Continually updated)

    Optimize Touch Fast Animations V4 : Optmize FOD Animations-- this works on miui 11 with candy kernel? Also is there any noticable improvement to Bluetooth sound quality with the nlsound mod. Is it stable to use with 11 0.4 miui
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    Post My Redmi K20 Pro lost IMEI, MAC Address and Baseband

    Press F to pay respects. Ps, don't mess with things you don't know how to fix
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    Post Create EFS Backup?

    Just don't restore it, you'll brick your phone
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Oh I'm sorry if it's illegal to have an opinion here. Also FYI, I never claimed f1xy as my own work and gave full credits to the developer. I've seen people copying others work and claiming it as their own, all I did was share it from one public forum to another. I'm not being ungrateful, the...
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    wloot revert the charging to stock kernel, your implementation is only causing more heat with next to no improvement in charging time. The life of lithium batteries is reduced by maintaining higher voltages at high temperatures