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    Thread OREO Build: invert hw buttons

    Hello! Anyone knows how invert hardware buttons (back / recent) on oreo builds? Thanks Pippo
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    Thread [Q] There are different version of HD2 displays or not?

    If yes, how can I understand which version I got? I'm asking this because if I look at the screen in backlight I can see a grid made by white dots.. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] How can I fix swype resolution on roto jme rom?

    It doesn't fit the screen.. Pls help! Sent from my GT-P1000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Voice commands through bluetooth headset

    Hi all! I'm tring to use vocal command through my bt headset, but when I press the button on it nothing happens. Note that the same headset works fine on other devices. Anyone else has my same problem? Sent from my GT-P1000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread [ROM][MIUI 17.12.2010] Milestone

    Today it is released the latest miui for Milestone. Here you can find a very fast mirror for latest official MIUI for Milestone. (At bottom of the page) Wipe before flash if you have used a language pack. English...
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    Thread [Q] Wifi problem [can't see milestone's tether network]

    Hi all, I'm tring to connect my galaxy tab to internet through wifi tether on milestone and the tab can't see the milestone wifi network. I know for sure that milestone's wifi tether works fine because I can use it with my laptop. Anyone has the same issue? How can I solve?
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    Thread [Q] Usb tethering with Milestone?

    Hi all, is there a way to share internet connection by usb cable using Linux (Ubuntu)? Wifi tethering use a lot of battery.. too much for a daily use.. Thanks in advance pippo!
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    Thread Install htc keyboard instead of original keyboard

    Hi all, How can I install (and use :P) the grey HTC keyboard instead of the original present in cupcake (and then in vodafone rom and CyanogenMod with Palm Pre theme). Thanks in advance
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    Thread Hero 1.4 by Fatality - SMS issue

    Hi all, I'm using the rom in subject from the first time it was pubblished and I must say that it was relly usable, but from a few days I can't receive sms anymore... or better, sometimes yes and sometimes not... By reading here and there, I found that many people has the same issue, but nobody...