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  1. gpap2004

    Thread Question Any well working app locker for S22 Ultra /S22+/S22 android 12?

    Is there any fast and reliable lock application for locking 🔒 apps like viber, messenger etc? I know there are many in play store but almost none of them are smooth, fast and having good results in hide the content immediately. I also prefer to hide the content in recent (multitasking) menu...
  2. gpap2004

    Thread Question Can I flash Indonesian XID firmware (SM-S908E) to a EUX (European) version in my SM-S908B?

    Can I flash Indonesian XID firmware (SM-S908E) to a EUX (European) version in my SM-S908B? With other words, can we safely flash a firmware for SM-S908E model to a SM-S908B model?
  3. gpap2004

    Thread Internet browser vs chrome in S7/S7 edge

    After some browser benchmarking i saw that samsung internet browser is faster than Google Chrome. I use samsung internet browser and I am suttisfied. I used and octane. Browserbench: Internet browser :65573 score Chrome : 55705 Octane: Internet browser : 12853 Chrome : 10087
  4. gpap2004

    Thread My 128gb memory card has been corrupted

    After 2 weeks of normal functioning, my micro SD card has been corrupted suddenly! It is a Kesington classs 10 UHS1 128gb . I understand now why Samsung didn't activate adoptive storage...
  5. gpap2004

    Thread New fw 925FXXU3COI9 update

    It is in XEU scs . Better memory management. New management in battery. No vulnerability in stragefright 2.0
  6. gpap2004

    Thread How can i disable the the message index in lock screen?

    When i receive a message, that message is indexing in lock screen, although i have uncheck to show any messages! I want to just receive that i have a message and NOT to read all the message in lock screen! Is there any registry setting?
  7. gpap2004

    Thread Any fully working call recording programm?

    I tried ACR 1.2.3 automatic call recording programm, found it here in XDA forum, whitch working perfect on my HTC Diamond2. But now in my HTC HD mini, when i record a calling, the other person stop hearing me!!! I read somewere here in forum that this problem occured with Vito Audio Notes , too...