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    Thread Official ROM Stock ?

    I just received an Nava Jet Orange , this phone is an ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, rebranded by Orange, the OS is outdated , it didn't receive an update since 2019. Many cool features of the phone does not work properly, for example NFC and wireless charging does not work and the camera is buggy, I heard...
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    Thread LeEco Le1 Pro [Camera Lag]

    Hey i have Camera lag when i'm in photo mode,front and back camera,but when im in video mode i dont have lag,can you help me to fix this?
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    Post Clean ROM from LeTV for USA x800

    I did like the guy that comented before you,and it worked,i removed something from data script and it worked. Sorry for reviving the thread again
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    Post Clean ROM from LeTV for USA x800

    Lol i know this is late,i just got the update zip but when i use it with twrp it says this. This pakage is or "x1_na" devices; this is a "x1" Can you help me how to fix,i know is 2018 but i cant find any threads
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    Thread Help me i think i bricked my phone.

    Hi,i used lineage os without anyproblems,one day i decided to flash the original rom (downloanded from sammobile),so i go in twrp,i made backup,i wiped all,then i go in download mod,plug in with odin etc,when i am about flash the samobile rom with odin it sais <ID:0/004> Added!! <ID:0/004>...