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    Thread [Kernel][5.1] M-Kernel - a76/77 [WiFi/3G] [f2fs/ext4] [5/14/15]

    Page 1: Information Page 2: Changelog and Downloads Page 3: Additional info and FAQ Instructions: Make sure you are on the latest bootloader version before flashing this or any other custom kernel. Search for a flashable zip or use fastboot and the google factory images. Download Kernel to...
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    Thread [KERNEL] M-Kernel [MOVED]

    Moved - Please do not post in this thread.
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    Thread [GUIDE][FIX] Nvidia PRISM/smartdimmer - fix screen washout after watching videos

    THE PROBLEM To save battery while playing video Tegra intelligently decreases the backlight while increasing color brightness and contrast. Because it monitors on a frame by frame basis the changes are often unnoticable. You basically end up with the same displayed image using less...
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    Thread [Kernel] MetalliKernel 10.1 CM9-HWA a6 [150-1380mhz] [384mhz GPU] [7/5 -Feature List]

    Alright so here's the first release of this kernel for codeworkx's CM9 with hardware acceleration. Again this is for codeworkx's cm9. Also, this is for codeworkx's cyanogenmod 9. One more time, this is for cm9 only. Finally, this is for cm9 and cm9 only! Don't let the "alpha" title fool you...
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    Thread Tab 2 10.1 over clock CM9 kernel

    It doesn't seem like there's one available. Would there be any interest in me porting the kernel I made for the 7 over? Or is there already a CM9 overclock kernel I'm not seeing? Sent from my GT-P3113 using xda premium
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    Thread [Kernel] MetalliKernel CM9-HWA a6 [150-1380mhz] [384mhz GPU] [7/5 - Feature List]

    This kernel is built for and from codeworkx's CM9 with hardware acceleration. Again this is for codeworkx's cm9. One more time, this is for codeworkx's cyanogenmod 9. Finally, this is for cm9 and cm9 only! Don't let the "alpha" title fool you into thinking it's not stable... it is... It's...
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    Thread [ROM/KERNEL] Tab2Lite RC1 P3113 [UPDATE 6/23] [ZOOM!]

    RC1 Changelog ROM Increased Stability Value to Maximum Fixed Camera thanks to ChanceofChange Re-added BluetoothTest.apk to hopefully fix bluetooth problems Re-added Youtube 720p mod Added Deep Sea Live Wallpaper from GSIII (laggy but pretty) Added Gummy Beam Live Wallpaper (Kanged from Gummy...
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    Thread [Kernel][AOSP][v2][Updated 5/19] Tab 2 GT-P3113 kernel OC/UC/UV/GPUOC 448mhz etc.

    Here's a simple kernel for AOSP based ROMS like CM9 and AOKP. Works for my tab. Can't say how it will run for you. Let me know. v2 Added Wheatley Governor and some associated CPUidle and C4 sleep patches to maximize effectiveness of the governor (thanks to Ezekeel) allow cpu to go to...
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    Thread [Q] What do you want in a ROM?

    Short Version: Making new Rom. instINCtive Rom? What features do you like? Include what apps? Include what mods? What features of other ROMs make them perfect for you? Long Version: Hey INC users. Since Redemptive Revolution hasn't been updated in a while, I've decided to abandon it as the...
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    Thread [Theme/Mod] distINCtion v1.73 Inverted Sense [SR/RRev] [12/28/10]

    INCredible distINCtion v1.7 : inversion Happy Holidays! Enjoy my Christmas gift to everyone during the last minute of Christmas day! If you like my work please consider donating. I have put countless hours into this theme. If you can't donate or do not want to, please consider voting my...
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    Thread Thread Moved, please do not post here

    Moved to :
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    Thread [App] HTC Keyboard /w/ XL spacebar and no "hide" button

    This is the stock keyboard that was included in 7/27 leak. This keyboard has the hide button removed and a bigger space bar. I did not make this keyboard (HTC did) nor can I modify it from this point in anyway. So please don't ask me to make the spacebar bigger or move it around. All I did was...
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    Thread [Q] Keyboard from Leaked Froyo with Large Spacebar?

    I was wondering if anyone had a download link to the old leaked froyo build that had the keyboard with the "hide button" removed and with the spacebar enlarged. I believe it was found in the 7/27 leak, but I can't find the download link anymore here in XDA. I would like to extract the keyboard...
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    Thread [Q] Remap Rosie Would anyone have the know-how and ability to port such a mod to our phones? I would love to eradicate that stupid add button on the sense launcher.
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    Thread [THEME] [Stock 2.1] Detox Desire for Incredible

    UPDATE 2.1: Fixes PowerWidget UPDATE: updated the theme to match Cubanaso's new 1.3 update. Modified sense apps to match theme. (I applied the same changes in Cubanaso's Detox Desire v1.3 apps to the stock DInc apps) Fixed some graphics I forgot to change in the first one. For example the...