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    Thread Question Why so many good features have to be installed from Galaxy Store?

    I just do not get it, there are so much good things in software but why for gods sake they have to be installed from galaxy labs? I have the phone for couple of months, just now discovered that we have something like sound assistant, keys cafe and many more. Why Samsung can't just add those...
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    Thread General Be careful with Samsung UK warranty repairs!

    HI all, unfortunately I had to send my S21 Ultra for warranty repair, in normal circumstances I would not bother writing a post, things can brake but what I have faced today is just shocking. I have a contract with EE, they offered me that they might fix it, but if I want I can go with Samsung...
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    Thread Question Best way to do a backup before warranty repair?

    What is the best way to make a backup before I send my phone for warranty repair? I sent phones before, but always had a root and could simply do a nandroid + titanium backup but now as I have no root, can I somehow make a backup of application data or not really? What options do I have? I do...
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    Thread Question Double Facebook app after update

    So after Facebook update I can see something like on attached when I try to open any Facebook link. - There is only one Facebook app installed - when I remove that one app links are opened in Chrome - was working OK till today (guess there was app update over night) Any ideas? As it is...
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    Thread Question Sporadically can't hear other person during call's.

    I got a strange issue, sometimes when I answer a call I can't hear other person, not sure why? It happens usually when they phone me. I use VoIP calling and wifi calling due to weak signal at home, may update exynos. Any thoughts?
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    Thread Question What SMS/text's application are you using?

    As title, what aplication are you using for sms/text's? Currently I am using stock samsung, but is is incredibly slow. I mean I type quickly, and sometimes my messages appear after 5-10 sec in it. Also I can get a text and when I enter apk I need to wait another 3/4 sec just to let it appear...
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    Thread Question Preinstalled messaging apps, why there are two of them.

    Hi all, can someone explain me - why the hell we have 2 preinstalled messaging apps? Google messages with one ui skin - can disable, but not uninstall Samsung messages - can't disable or uninstall. We have two of them, and RCS seems to not working on any of them in my case, Samsung gives me...
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    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro 5G worst model ever?

    Hi all, what do you think is 7 Pro 5G worst model due to NO support from custom roms? I can not find even one custom work to support this phone, and to be honest I would like to replace it asap for anything with AOSP support ;/
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    Thread Soft brick, any help?

    Hi guys, I have stupid problem. I had OP3T beta installed. 1. I did full nandroid 2. Installed Ressurection remix 3. Restored nandroid and in this point everything went wrong. 4. At the end of restoring I have seen "/system needs cleaning" etc. 5. I have reflashed dirty my rom and it booted but...
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    Thread Can't skip songs over bluetooth

    Hi guys, I have toyota auris 2013, I was using OP3T and pixel 2 with it and i was able to skip songs using my wheel buttons, I have OP5T with a latest OB3 software since yesterday and I am not able to skip songs, music works but cant skip them, any solution?
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    Thread Something loose inside pixel's body?

    Hi, I have found something curious. When I start shacking my phone I can hear noise coming from the top part of it, it sounds like a loose screw or something like that do you also have it? Is it a camera stabilization or my device is broken and I should replace it?
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    Thread Adaptive brightness or sensor fault?

    Hi, I have a problem, I have set adaptive brightness and now even when it's completely dark my phone is bright as lightbulb. When I switch adaptive brightness to off and manually set brightness it is going much lower. Appa show 69 lux all style time, sensor fault? Does anybody of you have...
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    Thread Phone from EE UK, no chance for unlock bootloader?

    Hi I bought a phone from EE, in Dev options I can see that OEM unlock is disabled. Does that mean I have to wait 6 month's for EE to revive SIM lock in order to unlock bootloader and root phone?
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    Thread Selling phone, is this enough to wipe all my data?

    Hi I am going to sell my phone today. I did full return to stock: - flashed official recovery - flashed official 4.5 rom - did fastboot oem lock Does the fastboot oem lock command wipe everything like : - twrp folder - titaniumbackup folder - whatsapp folder - etc Are these steps enough to...
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    Thread corrupted memory?

    Hi guys have weird problem with my phone. Sometimes when I want to make nandroid I can see error 255 always on system partition . When I restore system partition I can do nandroid. Next thing, when I want to delete any system app using titanium backup, after restart app is back again and im not...
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    Thread F2FS report wrong free space?

    Hi guys, ahve small problem. When I try to use F2FS I have 109/113 GB left of my memory, after changing to EXT4 its 111/111. Im confused, what is happening with these 2 GB difference and why F2FS take 4GB? F2FS EXT4 Thanks for help.
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    Thread A.R.I.S.E not working on 4.0.1

    Hi guys. does anybody of you forced rom to work with A.R.I.S.E? Everything is fine, viper4 android showing drivers are installed etc but there is no processing....
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    Thread Quick settings broken?

    Hi, its me again... Another problem, I Cant use this quick settings sometimes When I Press them nothing is happening, other time they work... Wysłane z mojego ONEPLUS A3003 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Thread Can't delete, rename etc files outside download folder

    Fixed please close
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    Thread Max file size?

    Hi guys, I tried to copy a mkv file from tv to my phone (128GB) but i didn't allow me due to file size, what is the limit?
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    Thread No system memory left? cp: write error: No space left on device

    Hi guys, I have 128GB version, I have installed A.R.I.S.E mod and adaway and now im not able to install xposed framework, I have error cp: write error: No space left on device > I have deinstalled some system apks but is there any option to fix it? Uninstall google chrome and install from play...
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    Thread Oneplus 3T new user few questions

    Hi guys I have ordered oneplus 3T today, could you clear me few things? 1. I bought it from O2, will I get dash charger? 2. Can I buy now a case(spigen) and glass protector for screen for one plus 3 and use it on 3T? I have readed shape etc is same. Thanks.
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    Thread Broken vibration. Send now or wait?

    Hi guys, it started today my vibration motor is broken. It is working only when I tap my phone on the right side. Its almost 1 year old, I got it from carphone warehouse. Now I wonder, should I send it back (more than year warranty left) or wait 2-3 weeks (until m10 release) and have...
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    Thread Simply back to stock?

    Hello I have question, how to back to the stock with s-on? Im not sure Im correct so please tell me if there is anything wrong: 1. Download Europe: 1.32.401.8 from topic. 2. Change name to 0PJAIMG.ZIP then put it on sd 3. Go...
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    Thread Sound mod?

    Hello is there any sound mod which I can use on latest insertcoin with s-on? Or maybe I have to do s-off to install that kind of mods? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Confused with two builds 4.3 (jss and jwr)

    Hi guys I feel confused with this builds, now we have if im not wrong jwr(nexus 4) and jss(aosp), so for example kernels made for jwr wont work on jss(like cm, aokp etc) am Im right? And ofcourse same in second way. Thanks Wysłane z mojego Nexus 4 za pomocą Tapatalk 4
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    Thread 4.3 broken camera

    Hi does anybody have problem with camera in 4.3? Im using deodexed stock and faux kernel, when im trying to change sth in camera display goes crazy like in this photos Wysłane z mojego Nexus 4 za pomocą Tapatalk 4
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    Thread Aokp O2 signal drop

    Hi guys I have one question, does anybody have signal drops using aokp m1 in O2 network? Wysyłane z mojego Nexus 4 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [Q] Need help to disable proximity sensor/driver.

    Hi guys, I have strange but I think common problem. My problem is, when I use earphones/headphones and I try to call (proximity sensor is on) I can hear buzz sound, Its VERY annoying. I tried viber/tango and had same problem with them. So next I tried skype, because skype is not turning on...
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    Thread Upgrade from SGS2?

    Hi guys, I was thinking about change my phone from sgs2 I9100 to new nexus. I really like stock android, hate samsung bloatware etc. One week ago I was sure I will buy it after release, but now after many reviews i feel confused. I will try explain what I mean: I use my phone as adio player...
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    Thread Vibration intrrvsls problem aokp/aosp

    Hi i have problrms with vibrations in aokp or aosp roms. While receiving message i should have something like beeeb beeeb now I have sometimes beeeb beeeb or beeb be be or be beeb, other time beee be be be O really dont know why, when some1 is calling me its ok only in sms or fcb messanger. In...
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    Thread Google maps in CM 10

    Hi guys, I dont know why but I cant install maps from market in CM 10. I can see only device is not supported. Can You post for me last maps app? Thanks. Wysyłane z mojego GT-I9100 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Camera pink spot

    Hi guys, I know its not new for You, but could You tell me is there any chance to fix pink spot in camera? this pink "dot" is annoying . I didnt see it untill i used it on beach(doing photos of sand) Thanks. Wysyłane z mojego GT-I9100 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Quiet sound on non stock headphones.

    Hi guys, I have big problem. When i had my S2 with stock roms all headphones work great for me, after flashing some romes sound on sony/creative headphones is quiet, but when I'am using original headphones(included in samsung s2 box) sound is good, can You tell me what is wrong? I can see, jack...