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    Thread General Looking for TMO to Global MSM testers

    I've created a TMO to Global MSM conversion, but lack a OP9 to test with. I am looking for volunteers to help test the build. You will lose all data, so back up everything. Be aware that this, like any other dev project, can possibly brick you phone. If you are uncomfortable, please don't apply...
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    Thread How To Guide Convert your T-Mobile (LE2127) to EU via MSM, No unlock.bin needed!

    *** Use this at your very own risk. *** You will lose all data *** Backup your working modemst1/2 and persist. If you lose these for any reason, it's unique to your device and not recoverable if you didn't back up (via MSM or other people). *** Read the entire post and follow the steps closely...
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    Thread How To Guide OP9Pro - Repository of MSM Unbrick Tools (TMO, EU, GLO, IN)

    By using these tools, you accept full responsibility for your actions. Your warranty is void should you run any of these utilities without OnePlus support present. I am not responsible for bricks, fires, nuclear war, etc. If you modified any partition not touched by MSM, namely param and...
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    Thread General Warning about the MSM tool

    Just as a reminder: the MSM tool resets your device and locks the bootloader. If for whatever reason, you modified partitions that are not touched by the MSM tool (like param, persist, etc), there is a chance your device will fail the integrity check and will not boot with the red message "Your...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Enable Dual SIM (dsds) on your T-Mobile 8T (KB2007) with Lineage/AOSP ROM

    NOT FOR OOS, If you do this on TMO OOS you will lose connectivity. So Lineage and all other AOSP based ROMs does not enable dual SIM for kebabt due to the T-Mobile modem having a hissy fit. However, you can flash the US/Global modem, retain all your 5G goodness, and enable dual-SIM as follows...
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    Thread Question Bootloader status

    Anyone know if the US release will have an unlocked bootloader?
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    Thread Question Dual-SIM research, help needed

    I am trying to determine if there is actually a hardware fuse somewhere that is set for Dual SIM, or if it's purely software, so I need some help from you all. If you are close to the Phoenix, AZ area in the USA, or know anyone who is nearby, and have a Chinese or EU version of the OP9Pro, I...
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    Thread How To Guide How To: Unlock the T-Mobile Bootloader

    Hello all, this is a quick and simple guide to unlocking your T-Mobile locked bootloader. Just a reminder: unlocking the bootloader will wipe your data. The instructions here will apply to all T-Mobile OnePlus devices. Unlock your SIM. Some options here Finding a sympathetic rep to unlock...
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    Thread Looking for someone with a rooted KB2005/KB05AA Global/International 8T

    Trying to see if the TMO variants can convert to Intl by 'creating' our own fastboot images. PM me if you have some time to help.
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    Thread [GUIDE] Convert TMO to EU via MSM Tool, no SIM Unlock or Bootloader Unlock needed!

    *** Use this at your very own risk. *** You will lose all data *** Backup your working modem and persist, just in case *** Read the entire post and follow the steps closely before asking for help. Post all error messages and steps you took. Screenshots and MSM logs will be best. !!! I have...
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    Thread [Question] Is it possible to modify the status/notification bar to be double height

    I find the notch notification area unsatisfactory and kinda wanna restore a classic android feeling, I couldn't find any android theme or framework settings that gives me 2 rows of notifications. See my mockup for the idea, but basically I'd like to have a way to enable a second row of...