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    Thread [APP][Android 2.3+] [Root] WhatsMore - Allow 2 phone numbers to be linked to WhatsApp

    Hi everyone, I make this app for my own daily use originally. However, I found that many people are asking for similar features on WhatsApp. So, I make it available on Google Play Store. You need a rooted device to run this app. WhatsMore is an add-on account management to make WhatsApp...
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    Thread [APP] HD Contact Photo Free

    This application is built to enhance the photo quality stored in the Android contact. Android system only supports contact photo in the resolution of 200 x 200. It is not good enough to be displayed in full screen when users are using add-in incoming call screens such as Answer Calls by Gesture...
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    Thread [APP] Answer call by gesture Free (2012-02-01 updated v1.4)

    This app makes use of gesture as privacy protection. You can have secret gestures to answer or reject the phone and no other people can do so. Besides, you may choose what kind of information will be shown on the calling screen, such as: - Caller photo - Caller name - Caller Nickname - Caller...