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    Post One Plus 8 Pro bugging in FastBoot Mode/Startet nur noch im FastBoot Modus

    Your data is gone... you should have red only one manual about unlockin the bootloader properly. it's allways written that there is NO way to unlock the bootloader without wiping the complete phone. Use MSM to go back to zero...
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][instantnoodlep][12.1]**crDroid**[V8.4]

    thanks for your great work! i hope you`ll be back soon!!
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][instantnoodlep][12.1]**crDroid**[V8.4]

    Why this complicated? Just sideload the Magisk flash file in Recovery and let the Magisk App install the rest.
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    Post Those who updated to OOS Android 12 - Is it still bad?

    crDroid 8.4 is running really nice!
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    Post Question - OP 8pro crashdump mode revival failed.

    I had some hours ago a non starting device. the only thing the mobile did was when i pressed vol up+down + on/off for some more seconds it vibrated shortly but nothing else. so i tried again the MSM method but did not now how i should enter to EDL mode without display. First Windows loaded the...