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    Thread Nexus 5 Brick

    Hi, I really need your help. I tried to install the latest miui rom for nexus 5, but it doesn't boot (I waited over 40 minutes and I tried more times....). I tried to flash again the rom but it didn't work. If I enter recovery (TWRP 3.0.2.), file manager works, but there is no way to use Adb...
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    Thread [test build] Paranoid Android 2.55 build from source

    ParanoidAndroid build from sources with the new 2.6.53 kernel from TheWhisp; see more detail about this project on please, when you have a problem, attach a logcat -How to install: Transfer the .zip file to your SD card Reboot into ClockworkMod, choose the option...
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    Thread Can't receive incoming calls

    i have successfully built from sources cm9 for my g5, only problem is that i can't receive incoming calls: the screen goes black, then in lockscreen; on the other phone i can hear that the other phone (my g5) is busy; i have tried to change from umts/gprs, reinstalling the rom, rebuilding the...
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    Thread [very experimental] ClockWorkMod 6 touch/noTouch

    this is my very very experimental CWM for Galaxy 5, with touch enabled (there's a noTouch version too) if someone can help me, just reply on this post :D I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR DEVICE BY FLASHING THIS ROM Downloads: files needed for build...
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    Thread Paranoid Android 1.5 (ported from galaxy mini) full working

    I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR DEVICE BY FLASHING THIS ROM I'VE TESTED IT ON MY DEVICE AND IT WORK I've ported paranoid android of the galaxy mini to galaxy 5; version is 1.5 (ICS) and this is the changelog: Works: GSM (phone/messages/GPRS/EDGE/3G) Wifi Bluetooth...
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    Thread ICS and Chainfire 3d?

    Hi, has anyone tried chainfire 3d on an ICS stock-based rom?
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    Thread HELP ME! Transformer bricked and I can't boot in apx mode!

    Hi, I've a big problem with my tf101. My tablet is in a recovery bootloop. When I power on it, it goes on recovery mode (twrp) and then it reboots. I want to enter in apx mode, I power off it, plug on pc and I hold power + vol up but it doesn't work... tablet doesn't boot in apx mode... help me!!
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    Thread [Cm 7.2 based] ThunderShot Project V3.2

    Attention!This is the final version of the project, but i'll fix reported bugs Hello :D I have build a rom based on Cyanogenmod 7.2 (20120912) with some modification; This is build for my site AndroidItalia, and I share it with you; any tips & tricks and request are welcome ;) -How to...