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    Thread Zenfone Z552KL Bootloader Unlock Help

    Hi guys! I've been searching the forums for all days and all the bootloader unlocking methods are old and official asus unlocker apk isn't working. If someone can help me unlocking the bootloader that would be great.
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    Thread Sound Problem

    Hello guys! I have creaking sound coming from speaker. It was working fine i didnt dropped it to water or try to clean speaker etc. It just happened in overnight, when i woke it was broken. Any idea how to fix it? Is there any chance it can be problem about firmware or applications? Sorry for...
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    Thread Looking for Pixel Launcher

    Hey guys! I am looking for Google's last Pixel Launcher or as we know before "Nexus Launcher". I tried to flash other zip files but i always get error 255 so if anyone tried to port it for zenfone 5 can post it here ? Thanks