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    Thread V20 Declining Charge Rate

    Rooted H910, running de-bloated stock image Last week, while reading news sites in a lobby, my phone got extremely hot. Also, battery percentage dropped like a rock - like from 70% to 35% in less than 10 minutes. I shut the phone down, pulled the battery, and allowed to cool. On reboot, I...
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    Thread Location Services Running Amuck

    Phone: LG V20 H910 Rooted H91010r, Android 7.0 Google v7.7.18.21 Google Play Services v12.5.21 In Apps v1.00.05 LG IMS v4.0.20150602 Recently, my rooted LG V20 started enabling Location (which I keep turned off) on boot. This prompts the "Improve Location Accuracy - Disagree / Agree". I (as...
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    Thread ROMs based on LG OpenSource Code Distribution Releases?

    Pardon me if this already asked and answered... but XDA's search function blows... Are there any ROMs compiled directly from LG OpenSource Code Distribution? I have a H910 (it has the widest range of LTE support), but I'm not on AT&T. My phone is rooted, and substantially de-branded - but...