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    Thread MIX 3 undetected to Mi Unlock (MIX 1 did)

    Hello, i have unlocked my MIX 1 now, all perfect, rom installed ♥ but my MIX 3 (palace museum) nothing in Mi unlock.... flash 2 sec then i can't click unlock (ADB ok, driver ok, ALL PERFECT, cause i unlocked MIX 1...) me please x) PS : 1 phone per month, but in...
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    Post [Recovery] Official TWRP for the Xiaomi Mi MIX (lithium)

    Hello, latest MIUI 11 chinese version, i tried lots of twrp and no tactil works :'( i wanna kill myself omg
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    Post Stereo Speaker Magisk Module

    Woooow PERFECT Thanks ! but i have not and i don't want to have magisk can i flash it with TWRP ? or a version flashable with TWRP please ???
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    Post gps issues

    Hello, same issue ! pokemon go don't work at home :/ GPS is very very poor (i have the MIX 3 palace museum china stock stable) and i think i will install the latest soon ! i read all your topics but finally what the problem ? and how to fix ? i read just allow permission to google ...