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    Thread Shutdown on USB disconnected (stock ICS)

    Hi gent's, how to make my Xperia Arc S LT18i shutdown automatically 30 seconds after the USB charging cable is disconnected? I want to use it as a car GPS permanently connected to the cigar lighter socket. I was able to make it turn on when the USB cable receives charge by deleting the file...
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    Post Custom ROM for Vodafone Smart Prime 6 (VF-895N)

    Is there any new custom ROM that is at least based on Android v7.0 or higher? There are too many apps that don't support Android 5 anymore.
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    Post [MOD][PORT] Samsung Gear 360 Manager for all devices [Updated: 21/Jan/21, v1.4.00.4-FW]

    Which large SD cards can we use? I have a 2016 model with firmware C200GLU0APE4 and I cannot get it to work with a Kingston 128GB Canvas Select micro SD Card (SDXC). I've tried with ExFAT and FAT32, then completely rewrite it using SD Formatter and deleting the 16Mb unallocatted partition, and...
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    Post Installing Magisk v14 on galaxy s4 gt-i9515

    I was able to install Magisk v24.3 today on my Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (GT-I9195) using partially the "Patching Images" method and TWRP 3.2.3. I had Magisk v23 installed but since a couple of weeks ago it kept crashing. So, I did the big mistake of uninstalling it to update to the latest version. It...
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    Post Activate adoptable storage on Stock Oreo G930FXXS2ERH6_DBT

    Is there any other method to enable it on the stock Oren 8.0? In this tutorial it seems we are flashing Android 6 or 7, create the adoptable storage, then flash Android 8 and update to latest Oreo version. I already have Oreo and I am trying to avoid the trouble of doing a factory reset and...
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    Post [KERNEL][ARC/S][ICS] RusH Kernel [UPDATED]

    Can anyone please re-upload the kernel and the wifi modules? I am rescuing the Arc S to be used permanently in the car to run a speedcam app. It will turn on automatically with the ignition once it receives USB charge, and automatically shuts down when it stops charging/ignition off.
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    Post Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    I am using android 9.0 or 9.1 on the device I mentioned that it works. He is probably using a J2 prime with android 7.1.
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    Post Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    Yes it is compatible. I use AppMgr III on a phone with Magisk and they don't interfere with each other.
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    Post Question call recorder

    I am on MIUI Global Stable and I am also missing the recording option. I wonder if it has something to do with the region we choose. I choose an E.U. country.
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    Post Question Install of YouTube Vanced blocked

    With my Redmi Note 10 (EU version M2101K7AG) I was able to install YTVanced after disabling the MIUI optimizations. I enabled them right away after installation and until now I haven't noticed any difference. Then I updated the system to MIUI Global 12.0.3 and lost the possibility of disabling...
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    Post Q: bluetooth headset for video recording.

    I also do not find it on playstore. Probably it is outdated. I can only see it on apkpure
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    Post Samsung Screen recorder

    Unfortunately I could not get it to work on my S7 Exynos G930F with Android 8.0.0 Oreo. The toggle works and I can add it to the quick launch bar. But once I press it, it says "Screen Record stopped, Close application". How to uninstall this apk now?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Pie 9.0] AOKP-ROM [S4 Mini Duos/3G/LTE ] Jan/18/2020

    Edit 1: Can anyone please confirm if the IR blaster is working? I've installed "AnyMote", and it was working with the stock ROM on my i9195. When I pointed another camera at the infrared, I could clearly see the light. Now I don't see any light and I can't control the TV :( How to change the...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Pie 9.0] AOKP-ROM [S4 Mini Duos/3G/LTE ] Jan/18/2020

    I could find on AOKP website a file named "", but I cannot install it over TWRP. It always fails with error 7. Is my file correct? And did you install over TWRP or used some other method. Thanks EDIT: The workaround for "Updater error 7" was...
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    Post [MODEM][ODIN] Samsung Galaxy S4-mini GT-I9195 (Upd. Oct. 16. - 2017)

    Wifi not turning on Thank you for this post and modems collection. I would like to share my experience with the baseband update. I have an i9195 LTE, unlocked from O2 Germany and it had baseband XXSCQA6 from 2016. All I did was to install the latest TWRP and the Latest Modem: I9195XXUCQL2...
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    Post Unroot i9195i

    magisk You also have the alternative of hiding root via Xposed (RootCloak). But a software called magisk seems to do that even better.
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    Post [ROM][GT-I9190/I9192/I9195][Official][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for S4 Mini

    I just got a free GT-i9195 and I have the same doubts. It would be helpful to hear opinions of senior S4 Mini owners. IMO this ROM seems to be very well maintained and supported. Most apps still support android 7.x. From the posts I've read, the latest LineageOS 17.1/Android 10 is still very...
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    Post [Tool] WhatsApp Key/DB Extractor | CRYPT6-12 | NON-ROOT | UPDATED OCTOBER 2016

    Where is that option exactly? Is it possible then to use merjapp.jar directly?
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    Post [Tool] WhatsApp Key/DB Extractor | CRYPT6-12 | NON-ROOT | UPDATED OCTOBER 2016

    I've read that it works but it keeps failing on my android 7.1. I've manually installed whatsapp 2.11.431 because the tool failed to install. But now I cannot open whatsapp because it says that the date/time is incorrect. Anyway I still do not get any files on the extracted folder:
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    Post Emulate Newer Android (Marshmallow) on old Android (Jelly Bean) ?

    It is unlikely to work without knowing your model. But for my BQ with mediatek MT6589 Turbo this is the firmware link: As alternative, download this custom rom...
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    Thread How to disable the loudspeaker mic (2nd mic) on Exynos S7?

    Is there any developer option to disable the loudspeaker mic so that the phone always uses the main mic? Or an option to force the phone to always use the main mic even when I select loudspeaker mode? The reason why I need this is because the 2nd mic is damaged. The remote party cannot hear me...
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    Post Mic not working when speaker active

    Can this be easily replaced? I have an S7 (non Edge) that when I turn on the speaker mode, the other party cannot hear me. I broke the display and sent it to a non official store for replacement. After the display replacement it was like this, and the store didn't fix after keeping the phone...
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    Post Call Recorder

    Is there any working solution for an Exynos Android 8 official ROM without root? I have tried two, and they only record my voice.
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    Post Call Recording

    A lot of the call recorders stopped working with Oreo. Due to some google security feature. I've heard that ACR still works on Oreo, and also a dutch named gespreksopname.
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    Thread Emulate Newer Android (Marshmallow) on old Android (Jelly Bean) ?

    I have a still reasonable 1,5 Ghz quad-core device with 1 Gb RAM and 32Gb internal memory that is stuck with Android 4.2.2. There are some apps (nothing CPU intensive) that I cannot install anymore because they require newer Android versions. Is there any way I can emulate a newer android...
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    Post OUKITEL U7 Plus - Development & Support

    Are there any ROM updates available since the latest from 2017? Or couldn't we just port the ROM from MT6737M based Nokia 1 that runs Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition)?
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+][2016/02/26 1.0.2036]Parallel Space - Multiple accounts

    I wanted to install or clone Facebook Messenger Lite, but I can't. Exactly the same problem as JMMPRATES: My parallel space came with the stock Android 7.0 ROM of Oukitel U7 Plus.
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    Post OUKITEL U7 Plus - Development & Support

    I'm using a Verbatim 64Gb SD card class 10 UHS1 as shared Internal Memory. But it is very slow and all the resident apps on the SD card usually get a warning like "App stopped responding" "Wait or Close". They do work but I frequently need to choose "Wait". I'm using the version from 20170711...
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    Post Turn Your Old Android Into A Chromecast

    Has any one found a way to convert an old Android phone with HDMI output to become a Chromecast receiver? I just want to press the Chromecast button of my PC browser and watch the videos on the TV. I do not want any menus nor apps on the TV/phone. I just need the phone to become a "dongle".
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    Post [APP][4.0+] Servers Ultimate - SMB, Node, PHP, Nginx, MySQL, SFTP, SSH, WebDAV, etc

    Can anyone please confirm if the "VPN Server" function is really working now? I've read some problems about it in the previous posts.
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    Post OUKITEL U7 Plus - Information & Reviews - 5.5" HD | MT6737M | 2GB | 16GB | Fingerp.

    lyamcarter I guess you can put a pin code instead. But the phone will always request you for some code or drawing after it boots. Anyone knows what were the bug fixes on the November OTA update? The video recording is still the same, only 640x480 :(
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    Post OUKITEL U7 Plus - Information & Reviews - 5.5" HD | MT6737M | 2GB | 16GB | Fingerp.

    I have an Oukitel U7 v13.0_20160922 and the native camera app only records videos in 3GP at 640x480 H264(avc1) with acc 48000Hz 2 ch audio. I am aware of another user reporting the same issue. 1) Are there any settings we need to manage to record at 1080p? 2) Anyone found the W8.1/W10 driver...
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    Post OUKITEL U7 Plus - Information & Reviews - 5.5" HD | MT6737M | 2GB | 16GB | Fingerp.

    Can you please tell us if Marshmallow "Adoptable Storage" is working on U7? Because 12 Gb free seems a bit short. Edit:It works, although some apps icons placed on the card disappear after reboot. Moving Here WeGo to the sd card makes the app disappear.
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    Post {All 2011}[DEV][Marshmallow 6.0.1][LegacyXperia] unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 builds

    symish, go here and start with "Wipe SD card". Then continue with "Flash the images using sideload". It worked for my Arc S.
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    Post [APP][2.2+]GLtools 1.99XDA [Graphic Optimizer][Updated][20-3-16]

    I'm trying to install GLTools1.99 on a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S with CM13 and it is not working. "Install" does nothing. "Install from recovery" fails when I reboot into recovery and try to apply "". It is failing with "install failed .... Installl...
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    Post {All 2011}[DEV][Marshmallow 6.0.1][LegacyXperia] unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 builds

    I know our device has only 512 MB RAM and that is short for pokemon go (requires 1 Gb). But I would like to try and use GLTools as workaround. Is that the reason why with CM13 if I try to install from the playstore it says "Your device isn't compatible with this version"?
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    Post OUKITEL U7 Plus - Information & Reviews - 5.5" HD | MT6737M | 2GB | 16GB | Fingerp.

    What is the procedure to root it? Does it support SDXC of 64Gb?
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    Post Adoptable storage on Samsung Galaxy J5

    How would it be possible to add these options on the J5? Do we need to copy some drivers or binaries from the J7?
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    Post [Q] MediaTek MT8389 Tablets ROM Development??

    Anyone knows a chinese forum with ROMs for MT8389T tablets? I would like to seek some clones. I would to play 'pokemon go' on my BQ Elcano 2 but it only has Android 4.2.2 while the game requires 4.4 API19.
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    Post {All 2011}[DEV][KitKat 4.4.4][LegacyXperia] unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 builds

    In my case it lasted 1 day or less. But I had a lot of stuff running on the phone, including exposed. So this ROM is harder on battery than the Stock. CM12.1 has much better battery performance.
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    Post Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    Thanks for the fast reply. I've got the sdcard back to normal. I had read this answer a few post above. But as I was never waiting 2 minutes for all the apps to appear after pressing "Link apps to sd card", the left navigation drawer showed nothing.
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    Post Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    sdcardfs vs fuse not working J5 5.1.1 I need help to revert this change. When I open apps2sd today it told me something like " Your device uses sdcardfs ...You can not move OBB .. Apps2SD can solve this problem by enabling the standard file system "fuse" of Android. ......... Want to continue...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][Galaxy J5/J500FN & J500F][01/02/2016] Stock ROM Advanced v1.0

    I doubt it is possible because the Samsung Alpha CPU is Exynos based. Our J5 is Snapdragon.
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    Post SM-J500F General Questions

    Did anyone noticed the device running slow and applications stopping responding for a few seconds? My J500FN it became like that after CF-rooting+twrp+xposed+apps2sd. I'm just not sure with modification is causing this lagging.
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    Post [APP] [PORT] [JB 4.1+] Latest What's New 1.4.A.0.1 {Updated 10 December 2014}

    I was able to install the latest version and run successfully on my Samsung J5 5.1.1 with Touchwiz. But how do I make it appear on the launcher home screens? I cannot find any widget for it.
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    Post Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    Anyone tried to link the game Dead Trigger 2? It is around 500mb but it never works when I link 450mb of OBB to 1st or 2nd partition. I've also noticed errors downloading apps from the playstore. Error code 963 mostly and error code 924. With opera mini beta is always happening. I have to...
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    Post installing xposed framework in galaxy j5

    "Exchange User Agent Fake" is also working to bypass the security. I just added my exchange account to the gmail app after installing ExchangeServices 6.5 apk.
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    Post [Q] Gmail Exchange Support

    I got Exchange working on my Samsung J5 (5.1.1) by installing ExchangeService 6.5 apk and then Xposed module Exchange User Agent Fake to bypass the pin requirement.
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    Post Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    With the video tutorial it was easier to setup. I did not have busybox and apps2sd didn't request to install it like it happens in the video. I choose install busybox /system/bin from within apps2sd. But I have no icon to open it and it is not listed on the android apps list. Anyway it is...