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    Thread Whatsapp google drive restore issue

    Hello, Yesterday i backuped my Whatsapp data to a google drive account then attempted to restore my data to my new installation - if found the backup then failed: 1. sometimes saying the phone has no internet connection (the phone has stable, tested internet connection) 2. sometimes trying to...
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    Thread quickcharge on the opo?

    does the opo support Qualcom quickcharge 2.0? iv'e seen a thread discussing this at the oneplus forums but didn't quite understand. some claim that the opo do not have the required hardware to do so, even though its rocking the snapdragon 801 soc which should support it... iv'e seen a couple of...
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    Thread long term effects for extera 0.2 volts?

    the stock opo charger outputs 2A-5V i have another charger which is rated 5.2V-2A i know that it's overvoltage can do harm (while extra amps can't), and i belive using it once would be negligable, but i ask myself if there could be any long-term effects to using it daily... what do you think?
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    Thread [HELP] mobile network connections won't function after upgrading to cm12 firmware

    I've used CM12.1 based ROMs for a while now, and with my talent have managed to brick my bacon (oneplus one global 64GB), and unbrick it (using this guide) I've restored it to stock with no problem using this tool. my problem begins when i try to update to any LP ROM - flashing such ROMs' zip...