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    Post TCL Android TV model 55p8m / Android Recovery TCL/BeyondTV/BeyondTV

    I was able to upgrade from V701 to V715 as You folks suggested, by not unpacking the zip file and I thank You for that. . If this is the correct procedure, how is it possible that the V701 upgraded unpacked?
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    Post TCL Android TV model 55p8m / Android Recovery TCL/BeyondTV/BeyondTV

    What do You mean by that? V701 updated fine and worked as a local update unzipped on the very same flash drive. Since I am not the only one with update problems with this particular OTA, odds are there is something off with the update itself. Like I said earlier, when unzipped V715 OTA is...
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    Post TCL Android TV model 55p8m / Android Recovery TCL/BeyondTV/BeyondTV

    V715 OTA update is not working on C715. I believe a number of required files are missing from it, at least when compared to V701 OTA package. The system can't start the update since it can't find relevant files. Is there an alternative OTA pack for V715 perhaps, or an alternative way to deploy...
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    Post [APP][4.1+] YAATA SMS/MMS app

    Thx, missed it :)
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    Post [APP][4.1+] YAATA SMS/MMS app

    Nice to see such a client. is Yaata completely free or it offers some kind of in-app purchases?
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    Old or New Bootloader? I could not find an answer is this version of CM7 135.4 for new or old bootloader? I am going back to CM7 because of Wolfson DAC inside p990 and the voodoo mod, as it is not available for newer ROMs....and by the looks of it cm7 roms have far superior battery life than...
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    I find the "feature" very annoying, especially for local backups of contacts, messages. Holding fingers crossed that CM1x fixes this obstruction from Google.
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    Post What makes your phone SLOW?/For Beginners

    For me personally on LG Optimus 2x the problem is the lack of available memory for the apps, and unfortunately Android way of closing app isn't memory friendly. I hope optimizations will continue on that front as they have started with KitKat.
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    Post Disappointed!!!

    I haven't used Themer for few months because of poor performance with my Optimus 2x(512 mb RAM), however this thing with Google account seems to be a much bigger problem than the slow performance. I simply do not want Google servers messing around my phone, I don't use sync or Play store. Is...
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    Post Optimus 2x Extended Battery 3200mah

    Can you guys post how much time you got with these extended batteries? 1h or 1 day..something like that. Thanks in advance.
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    Post [APP] [23 MAY] GetRIL 0.97.1

    Very useful app for debugging reception problems. Thank You.