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    Thread Tried To Install Factory ROM: Z5 Bricked

    Greetings - A couple of years ago I purchased my Xperia Z5. A friend installed /e/ Foundation's custom ROM. It worked well until this year when 3G became obsolete. I figured I would try using it as a wifi phone without a SIM card. I would need to use my Google Voice number if I wanted to...
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    Post Introduce yourself! What's your XDA story?

    Greetings- A couple of years ago one of my friends, who is a lot more tech savvy than I, installed the /e/ ROM on my Sony Xperia Z5. The phone worked well until I tried to restore the phone back to the factory Sony ROM in order to experiment with using it as a wifi phone. The same friend...
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    Post screen locked problem to do hard restart

    I feel for you. Flashtool bricked my phone.