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  1. Cheez2553

    Thread How to have 5 rows instead of 4 on pixel launcher?

    Hi guys, do you know how to have 5 rows on the dock instead of five? Seems like you need a certain dpi to get that. Any trick? Thanks Inviato dal mio Moto G4 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Cheez2553

    Thread Showing the lockscreen takes a certain amount of time

    Hi Guys! I've noticed that some roms (most of them apart of Invicta and sometimes RR) have some delay when pressing the power button to show the lockscreen. That's pretty annoying since it takes even 5 seconds sometimes! Any clue or fix? Thanks guys.
  3. Cheez2553

    Thread Need help testing this kernel.

    Hi guys i need you to test the performance of this kernel i've made ONLY DECEMBER CM12.1 NIGHTLIES COMPATIBLE LINK Please tell me how your Phone performs,if better or worse. NOTE : I don't know if this is the right section as i'm not sure if this is actually "worth" putting in development...
  4. Cheez2553

    Thread [Q] Error While Compiling Kernel

    Hi everyone guys,Today i tried to compile Alcatel One Touch 4033 kernel from Alcatel sources ( , Device OT_4033X) i keep getting this error: fs/file_table.c: In function 'get_empty_filp': fs/file_table.c:36:20: error: inlining failed in call to...
  5. Cheez2553

    Thread [ROM][U8150]IDEOS HD 3 and 4 [STABLE and NIGHTLY]

    The Revolution starts now! I've been a lot of time away from developing,but i'm back with a newer ROM,this ROM introduces a lot of new features,I Spent some months developing this ROM,a Thanks would be appreciated :D Features Blazing Fast This ROM has been heavy optimized,reduced battery...
  6. Cheez2553

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Radeon HD Cards without AMD Support!

    I Discovered a way to install my Radeon HD 4200 on Windows 8,which isn't supported! So it's *almost* Simple Let's get started! If you meet all requirements let's do this!
  7. Cheez2553

    Thread [GUIDE]How to install Old ATI Radeon Cards on Windows 8/8.1/10

    UPDATE 23/10/2015 By Simonkjam NEW DRIVER ! PERFECT ON MOBILITY RADEON X1300 ON WINDOWS 10, AND FOR ALL OTHER MOBILE X SERIES IN MY OPINION! DOWNLOAD HERE Install with setup, custom install (remove all the ugly software, only driver and microsoft stuff) Again,HUGE THANKS to Simonkjam for...
  8. Cheez2553

    Thread [DISCONTINUED]IDEOS HD BETA [Gingerbread 2.3.7 - CM7 Based]

    Guys,ROM is official discontinued.MAYBE i will make a new ROM,I don't know for now.Will be based on ICS Probably and will support more devices Thank you all Guys following me and Downloading this ROM.I appreciate it.Thank you again Cheers, Cheez2553 Hi Guys i'm Back with a new ROM!Based on...
  9. Cheez2553

    Thread [Huawei Ideos U8150 ROM]IDEOS HD [Current Nightly]

    Ideos HD Current Version: STABLE 1.6.2 GingerBread version is OUT!Check IDEOS HD 2.0 BETA! Screen: Video (Thanks to IDEOSGUY!) HERE Feature: Deodex Zipaligned Rooted Theme HTC Sense init.d script support Nano Text Editor Busybox Power Menu MultiTouch (Thanks Tj_Style) Overclocking &...