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  1. keithross39

    Post Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F/SM-G901F continuously restarts

    Sorry samPartDeux, I don't think I'll be able to help. This is the first time I've visited XDA in over 6 months. As a result, I'm totally out of touch with the after market development on the S5. I don't even own my S5 any more so I don't even have the capability to work with my device to help...
  2. keithross39

    Post i9100 weak signal : normal or faulty motherboard?

    If you have changed the USB board in the phone, then that is probably your problem. It likely has NOTHING to do with the modem. There are several variants of the USB board and you *HAVE* to replace the board with the same variant you removed, otherwise loss of signal can occur... I wrote a guide...
  3. keithross39

    Post G900F mixer_paths.xml RECORDINGS (Whatsapp) are far to low, as well as the speakers?!

    The guy in this thread..... Knows a *lot* about adjusting the xml file to make adjustments to various volume level parameters. He was able to give me a lot of help when I needed it. Why not ask in that thread. Sent from my SM-G900F
  4. keithross39

    Post Bricked galaxy s2 GT-I9100

    Hi NDbluewee.... It's been almost 6 months since I even visited this forum. That link you posted is a redirect to a thread by Hopper8. He's the go to expert for software issues (I'm more of a hardware person). I don't even have my trusty S2 any kids 'appropriated' it almost a year...
  5. keithross39

    Post Galaxy S5 not powering up after the "Samsung Galaxy s5" screen appears

    All the information you need is on the sticker underneath the battery. Sent from my SM-G900F
  6. keithross39

    Post philz recovery for cwm6.0.5.0

    TWRP is a touch recovery.... Been ported to the W.....
  7. keithross39

    Post S5 yellowish screen, burned?

    Yes...burning in the status bar pixels to match the rest of the screen will make the overall burn in less noticeable. If the burn in app you mention can concentrate on the status bar area then it should help.... But bear in mind that this fix (if any) won't happen overnight. The burn in takes a...
  8. keithross39

    Post Needs some help

    Fair enough...I was going by my tab 3.7 which does not.
  9. keithross39

    Post Needs some help

    HDMI is not supported on the Tab3 so the above option won't work.
  10. keithross39

    Post S5 yellowish screen, burned?

    Yep...I have the same burn in pattern as you....Most of the screen has 'yellowed' over time apart from the area where the status bar is. Unfortunately, you're going to have to learn to live with it....just as I have. Those playstore apps are useless at best. The only thing that fixes burn in is...
  11. keithross39

    Post i9515 charging port differences

    Hi....I wrote a guide on this exact subject....but for the S2. In the case of the S2, there were/are 4 different variants or 'rev' versions of this board for the international version of the phone on its own (and numerous other boards for the other variants). My instinct tells me the S4 has a...
  12. keithross39

    Post locked phone

    I ran into this problem. Got my mother in laws old phone....locked to O2 and I'm with Three. Went into my local O2 store and was told that I didn't have authorization to do it as their records showed the owner of the device to be someone else. Was told that I'd have to get the 'registered' owner...
  13. keithross39

    Post Consequences of tripping knox?

    None of us can answer that question for certain as none of us knows the level of security on the business network/system that you want to connect to. Best advice is to try it and see. If it connects, all well and good. If it doesn't, unroot your device or get a cheap second unmodified device...
  14. keithross39

    Post Restore stock rom for Tab 3.8 & re-root

    Damn...I'm sure I said (just above your post) that we AREN'T allowed to post links to sammobile or samsung-updates.
  15. keithross39

    Post Restore stock rom for Tab 3.8 & re-root

    A custom recovery isn't really going to help if you've deleted something critical from the firmware. Your best bet is to go to samsungupdates dot com Or sammobile dot com (We're not allowed to post links to those sites) and look for and download your firmware. Then flash it with Odin. At...
  16. keithross39

    Post S5 volume boost

    There are 2 ways that I know of and both need root. 1) a music app (available on XDA) called viper4android has a setting that will give a 6dB boost. 2) adjusting an XML file within android itself (potentially risky).
  17. keithross39

    Post FPC Battery Connector for main logic board

    Yeah....It also minimises wear on the micro usb socket built into the phone...which is one big weak point on these devices.
  18. keithross39

    Post FPC Battery Connector for main logic board

    I've gone a slightly different route with my S5 and wife's N4. I have 3 batteries for each and an external charger for both types. The spare batteries are standard capacity, but they're made by Anker. Batteries get rotated so there's always a good battery in the phone, one that's charging and a...
  19. keithross39

    Post Galaxy S5 not powering up after the "Samsung Galaxy s5" screen appears

    I'd be careful when changing the motherboard. You *DO* need to find a compatible board...In other words which ever variant you have should be the variant you look for to source the donor board. Also, you say you have data you want to recover? Swapping out the motherboard will remove every...
  20. keithross39

    Post Galaxy s4 dead

    reluctant_traveller your issue is probably not the power button unless you have a fault with the button that is intermittent (extremely unusual..but not unheard of). Faulty power buttons are *usually* in one of two states...either open circuit or closed circuit. In one state the faulty button...
  21. keithross39

    Post usb connection issue [help]

    It could be the on device micro usb socket. This type of socket is pathetically fragile and does have a high failure rate. I have seen this issue time after time...The older the device (and let's face it, the N4 isn't exactly the current flagship) the more often this port is the culprit.
  22. keithross39

    Post Warranty void? heeeelp!

    That article mentions 'triangle-away' which only resets the flash count...nothing to do with Knox. Even Chainfire thinks Knox is an unresettable eFuse. If you've tripped Knox, it's going to stay tripped no matter what you do.
  23. keithross39

    Post Galaxy s4 dead

    Definitely a power button issue. The giveaway is that you say the device starts this boot/restart cycle as soon as you put the battery in (without you pressing anything). No two ways about it.... It *IS* a faulty power button. I have seen this issue on other Samsung devices too, and every time...
  24. keithross39

    Post Bootloop on tab 3 lite (While installing chainfire 3d) please help

    Isn't chainfire 3d just for gingerbread? Never meant to be flashed on any Android os newer than that.
  25. keithross39

    Post Bricked s5 Help

    If its AT&T and MM has been flashed then it will have a locked bootloader and rooting via cf or twrp will not work. The only thing that will successfully flash now is AT&T branded MM. You can't even roll back to lollipop or kitkat.
  26. keithross39

    Post phone case stain

    Lol...A bit like 'rag rolling' a wall. :)
  27. keithross39

    Post FPC Battery Connector for main logic board

    I have a soldering iron with a 'home modified' reversable tip. You can see in the picture, at one end is the standard 4mm tip while at the other is a 1mm tip that tapers down to practically a needle point. This is the end that sees the most use, and it is that size of tip that you're going to need.
  28. keithross39

    Post phone case stain

    I think he's suggesting you use the Sharpie to 'paint over' the stain.....A bit like painting a layer of nail polish on top of the stain. Not sure if that's going to work though. To do that sort of thing, the ink would have to be opaque....fairly sure the ink in permanent markers is not.
  29. keithross39

    Post FPC Battery Connector for main logic board have a broken phone right now so why not try it? Just be *REAL* careful....There are a number of surface mounted components in close proximity to your work area.... Damaging them through accidental contact with the soldering iron (or even simple heat transfer along the board) is a...
  30. keithross39

    Post FPC Battery Connector for main logic board

    Having actually had a 'close up' look at the connector, the solder points are bigger than I thought they would be (I've hand soldered smaller contacts). It would be possible to hand solder, but you'd need a *very* fine tipped soldering iron. And preferably one that produced a lower level of heat...
  31. keithross39

    Post FPC Battery Connector for main logic board

    turbotux If it's *just* the connector you want, and you're happy/able to solder it to the board, you can get it here..... I personally wouldn't touch a hand soldering job like...
  32. keithross39

    Post s5 sm-gh900h 4g services

    900f firmwares WILL NOT work on a 900h. You WILL kill your device if you try. Different hardware inside.
  33. keithross39

    Post Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow 6.0.1

    1stcowgirl please make links public and share the source of those links for 2 reasons. 1) Other members might be in need of that very information. 2) Your reluctance to make these assets public knowledge makes it *look* like you are trying to hide something....I'm sure this is not the case but...
  34. keithross39

    Post phone case stain

    I can only go by the cases I've used... Leather look wallet case Heavy duty case The top one is what I currently have. It has one of those tpu cases bonded to the wallet....In this case the tpu part is black. The...
  35. keithross39

    Post Phone only boots to recovery mode, power button only doesnt work in recovery mode

    With broken buttons, you're pretty much stuffed whatever you do with the device. You NEED to get them repaired/replaced ASAP. In recovery, there should be an option REBOOT SYSTEM (NOW) With your broken buttons I'm pretty sure that'll be the only thing that works.
  36. keithross39

    Post Bricked galaxy s2 GT-I9100

    Visit this thread.... It contains everything you need to try to recover your S2. If it's not in that guide, it's not worth trying.
  37. keithross39

    Post phone case stain

    Sorry fella...This is going to happen to all these cases because of the materials used.... The only colours you won't see it on are the dark colours.
  38. keithross39

    Post Galaxy S5 Power Button Problem

    At the end of the day the choice is yours as to whether to get the button sorted or not. You *seem* to be ignoring the sound advice that everyone has told you. Again, that's your choice....In the same way as it'll be our choice to ignore your requests for help when you inevitably create a post...
  39. keithross39

    Post [N910F] Note 4 new battery keeps on restarting, does not turn on

    Yep....deffo a battery issue. I got a new battery for my wife's N4 direct from Anker. The same as I have done for every phone I've ever needed a new battery for. NEVER had any problems with Anker batteries.... This link takes you to the Anker website, but...
  40. keithross39

    Post Large discoloured block on 2nd hand Note 4 - Common or not?

    It probably is the original screen with chronic burn in. My wife's Note 4 has exactly the same issue. This is common with the Amoled screen. My S2, S4 and S5 also all have this colouration. There is next to nothing you can do to correct this on your existing screen. The only realistic option is...
  41. keithross39

    Post phone case stain

    Are you describing the s-line flexible 'gel' type case? If you are then unfortunately this is common. I've owned a number of this type of case and the same thing has happened with every one. I used to get the 'clear' see through variants of this type of case, but because of this problem, I now...
  42. keithross39

    Post Galaxy S5 Power Button Problem

    Good advice to get the power button fixed. There *will* come a time when you need it.
  43. keithross39

    Post Knox ?

    It isn't possible to reset *any* current version of knox on any Samsung device. In the past it was possible with (I think) one of the Galaxy Notes, but not now. The only thing (apart from warranty) that tripping knox affects, is the ability to connect a device to secure business
  44. keithross39

    Post Need to change my Galaxy S5 into a portable media device

    Don't whatever you do delete or otherwise mess around with the phone app. It *will* cause no end of problems. An alternative if you *know* you are never going to want to use the device as a phone again, would be to call up the network provider, explain the situation and ask them to 'blacklist'...
  45. keithross39

    Post Need help removing third party lock screen software!

    You could try booting to recovery and performing a factory reset. As this 3rd party lock screen app is not embedded in the OS, a factory reset *should* erase it along with all the other user installed apps. Obviously that will mean setting up the tab again, but (imo) that's preferable to having...
  46. keithross39

    Post Recovering photos from cracked phone

    The digitizer is the part of the screen that tells the device *where* the screen was touched ie the 'grid reference' of the interaction. If the S5 doesn't have a digitizer, what replaces it...without the digitizer how is the S5 going to know what to do when you touch the glass at a specific...
  47. keithross39

    Post Recovering photos from cracked phone

    Uh...The S5 *does* have a digitizer....In exactly the same way that *every* other touchscreen device ever produced does.
  48. keithross39

    Post Galaxy S5 Knox Reset (New Hope)

    If it's an eFuse like the best xda devs (Chainfire) think it is, then you can flash whatever you want, however you want, but it still won't 'repair' the fuse. Knox will remain tripped.
  49. keithross39

    Post Recovering photos from cracked phone

    Do you know if touching any part of the screen has any effect (even of you can't see what touching it does)? Replacing the screen is an option, but it's an expensive option if there are other things that might/could work instead. The reason I asked about whether the screen is still responsive is...
  50. keithross39

    Post Need lollipop stock rom flashable zip for S5 SM-900H...

    Bad idea to flash a device when you don't have access to a pc/laptop. What are you going to do if the flash goes wrong and the only option to recover the device is odin flash a firmware? Leave the flashing alone until you have the ability to recover from any 'issues'.